Universal - Mar 8 2017

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Clues Answers
"Easy there, boy" STEADY
"Here comes trouble!" OHOH
"I just discovered this!" AHA
"I ___ a Dream" HAVE
"Take ___ song and make it better" (Beatles lyric) ASAD
"Waiting for ___" GODOT
"With not ___ out of place" (totally neat) AHAIR
"___ port in a storm" ANY
Above, to poets of old OER
Aces may complete them SETS
Ashes receptacle URN
At the drop of ___ (right away) AHAT
Attaches ADDS
Ayatollah's country IRAN
Be the card distributor DEAL
Big name in running water MOEN
Bobbing in the ocean ASEA
Brutish beast of folklore OGRE
Buddhist bigwig DALAILAMA
Catchwords PHRASES
Cookie from Nabisco OREO
Dignified manner or conduct MIEN
Doo-wop's ___ Na Na SHA
Draw out EDUCT
Ending with "walk" or "shoo" INS
Engine need OIL
Evening, in old poems EEN
Far from stimulating BLAH
Fleeced but good SHORN
Food sample TASTE
Fraught with danger DIRE
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Gripping device VISE
Heifer's utterance MOO
Horse or Ford of old PINTO
Ifs or buts partners ANDS
Ill-fated Fords EDSELS
It requires housekeeping MESS
Clues Answers
It's found lying on the beach SAND
Kabul currency AFGHANI
Lady's partner, in animation TRAMP
Letters from your folks? RNA
Like gummy bears CHEWY
Lobbies for light gatherings? ATRIA
Lymph ___ NODE
Mean without saying IMPLY
Milk maidens compete on "Shop 'Til You .. DROPINTHEBUCKET
Mop, as ship decks SWAB
More mentally stable SANER
More than pleases ELATES
One of two in a dance name CHA
Part of Hollywood? ROLE
Pennywise contestants compete on "Bowling for .. DOLLARSANDCENTS
Peruvian cousin of a camel LLAMA
Poker fees ANTES
Potted meat brand SPAM
Protrusion of the eyelid STYE
Roams around GADS
Semiaquatic salamander NEWT
Small motorcycles MINIBIKES
Small, loud ruckuses ADOS
Some red wines CLARETS
Square, nerdy sort DWEEB
Strolls casually MOSEYS
Things in billfolds, sometimes ONES
Thrillseekers compete on "Match .. GAMEFORANYTHING
Took a quick look PEEPED
Trident feature TINE
Udder parts TEATS
Viral internet item MEME
Wee bit of marine life ALGA
Well-bred, well-mannered chap GENT
Where river and sea meet ESTUARY
White-tailed shore eagle ERNE
Wooden golfing gadget TEE
___-bodied (strong) ABLE