The Chronicle of Higher Education - Feb 3 2017

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Clues Answers
'Some ___' (inscription in Charlotte's web) PIG
'There's an ___ for that' APP
'We have the meats' sloganeer ARBYS
'___ juvante' ('with God's help') DEO
'___ making a list, and checking ...' HES
Act II duet in 'Mamma Mia!' SOS
Alcopop that was part of the 1990s' 'clear craze' ZIMA
Amt. of iron or magnesium RDA
Annoyed CROSS
Barbecue rod SPIT
Beatty and Rorem NEDS
Bent over ASTOOP
Big name in high-end handbags PRADA
Bilko or Pepper, e.g SGT
Boatload, say CARGO
Booker T. & the ___ MGS
Brand with a 'Raise your hand' ad campaign SURE
Bridal bio word NEE
Calvin Klein fragrance ETERNITY
Cause of some droughts ELNINO
Chamber players for Schubert's 'Eine Kleine Trauermusik,' e.g NONET
Co. that acquired Netscape in 1999 AOL
Cockamamie ASININE
Contrive to see briefly PEEKAT
Count on a piano bench BASIE
Crayola blue shade since 1993 DENIM
Dance-recital videographers, maybe DADS
Dante setting HELL
Discreetly keep in the email loop, for short BCC
Existentialist who declined a Nobel Prize SARTRE
Exultant TV golf whisper, maybe ITSIN
Far-right bowling pin TEN
Forthcoming OPEN
Honorific for tennis's Andy Murray, nowadays SIR
Hot-selling Disney Halloween costume of 2014 ELSA
In the midst of a stemwinder ORATING
Island nation south of the Philippine Sea PALAU
Jack who wrote 'I Kid You Not' PAAR
Largest ruminant GIRAFFE
Clues Answers
Lay off CEASE
Lead-in to City or Farm, in video game titles SIM
Levelheaded SANE
Lotus-position discipline YOGA
Loyalist to the Crown, once TORY
Manhattan area closest to Brooklyn and Queens EASTSIDE
Many flower orders DOZENS
Many millennia AEON
Max on a Spinal Tap amp, famously ELEVEN
Narrow nautical passage STRAIT
Negative endings? ANODES
North Dakota neighbor MANITOBA
Novel postscript EPILOG
One with a fearsome strike, in westerns RATTLER
Ones born before you ELDERS
Pepperdine or Purdue, e.g.: Abbr SCH
Picnic problem RAIN
Place to buy a railroad tkt STN
Prohibition opponents WETS
Reserve, as a hotel room BOOK
Satisfied laugh CHORTLE
Scoundrel KNAVE
Shakespeare creation who says 'Now my charms are all o'erthrown' PROSPERO
Sharp barks YELPS
Solidify CEMENT
Something cut without damage DECK
Soul singer Chaka KHAN
Southpaw LEFTY
Split to unite? ELOPE
Stat for relievers ERA
Stuffed dumpling PIROGI
Subj. in the Dewey Decimal System's 500s SCI
Support for a proposal? KNEE
Supposed sign of lying ... or a hint to the answers in the circled squares PANTSONFIRE
They may be summarized in minutes: Abbr MTGS
They're often pickled at the salad bar BEETS
Vinyl-record spec RPM
What a loser brings up? THEREAR
Worry about, informally SWEAT