The Chronicle of Higher Education - Feb 17 2017

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Clues Answers
'... from my snow-white pen the ___-coloured ink' ('Love's Labour's Lost') EBON
'50s White House nickname IKE
'Four Quartets' monogram TSE
'Later!' ADIOS
'You betcha!' YESINDEEDY
1300 hours, to civilians ONE
Adlai Stevenson, to 44 Down OPPONENT
Advocacy gp. for boomers AARP
Angel battler, at times ASTRO
Architect associated with Manhattan's Javits Center PEI
Basic chords TRIADS
Basket that doesn't touch the backboard LAYIN
Caffeine-yielding nut KOLA
Calc prerequisite whose basic ratios are indicated by the sets of circled squares TRIG
Calypso cousin SKA
Cavity HOLE
Certain spa treatment PEEL
City whose name was often yelled by Peyton Manning OMAHA
Claims upon property LIENS
Cliffhanger outcome, often CLOSECALL
Conical brewing dryers OASTS
Crony PAL
Eliminate the sharpness of, e.g TUNE
Emily Post was an arbiter of it GOODTASTE
Failed spectacularly ATEIT
Father Time prop SCYTHE
Feeling superior SMUG
Feudal superior LIEGE
Flout the rules, maybe REBEL
Fundamentals ABCS
Herb sometimes added to grappa RUE
Hippodromes STADIA
Hyannis Port's cape COD
In the mail SENT
Instrument with a pear-shaped body LUTE
It's folded at some fast-food places TACOSHELL
Like the Parthenon's columns DORIC
Man whose portrait was on $10,000 bills CHASE
Clues Answers
Martin Luther's 95 THESES
Mary ___ Lincoln TODD
Melville work predating 'Moby-Dick' OMOO
Microscope part OPTIC
Morales of 'NYPD Blue' ESAI
Ocular nuisance STYE
Official proceedings ACTA
Olympian hawk ARES
On the subject of ASTO
Org. for Federer and Nadal ATP
Org. that marked '100 years of journalistic excellence' in 2007 UPI
Org. whose seal contains a compass rose CIA
Pic on a pec TAT
Pitchfork features TINES
Plea at sea SOS
Poehler and Adams of Hollywood AMYS
Powers that be INS
Regretful RSVPs NOES
Ride without pedaling, say COAST
Scintillae IOTAS
Short-story maven with the recurring antihero Clovis Sangrail SAKI
Six-pack units ABS
Size up ASSESS
Something dropped at Woodstock LSD
Spanish ___ (Rome attraction) STEPS
Spy-fi luminary Ambler ERIC
Studio support EASEL
Subculture of local bands MUSICSCENE
The Black Pearl in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies, e.g SHIP
The original U.S. Constitution had four of them PAGES
Thousand-dollar sums, slangily GEES
Tire-gauge meas PSI
Top-of-the-line CHOICEST
Trips where a 'carry in, carry out' policy may be observed ECOTOURS
Type of poem cited in 'Easter Parade' SONNET
Unlikely to drift off? ATANCHOR
Word in the golden rule UNTO
___ McAn shoes THOM