The Washington Post - Mar 4 2017

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Clues Answers
'Does she ... or doesn't she?' brand CLAIROL
'In your dreams!' NOTACHANCE
1993 William Diehl thriller on which a 1996 film was based PRIMALFEAR
Agatha or Edgar AWARD
Architectural molding OGEE
Aspects FACETS
Beta rival VHS
British county SHIRE
Burden to bear ALBATROSS
Café supply LAIT
Cheaply, with 'for' ASONG
Clear of snow PLOWED
Coeur d'__ ALENE
College town about 100 miles NE of Portland ORONO
Crash and burn HITBOTTOM
Cut twice, perhaps TRISECT
Defense that may be all wet MOAT
Dividing walls SEPTA
Downwind current LEETIDE
Eisner's successor at Disney IGER
Facing a deadline ONTHECLOCK
Federal subsidy GRANTINAID
Formidable court figure LEGALEAGLE
Hackneyed TRITE
Hand raiser's attention-getter MEME
Hawaii's __ Bay HILO
Heron relative EGRET
Humanities degs BAS
Improvisational style SCAT
Kept out BARRED
Land across the Baltic from Sweden LITHUANIA
Lead-in for here or nowhere OUTTA
León relative GATO
Like most grandparents ADORING
Make sound MEND
Clues Answers
Masterpiece GEM
McBride of 'Draft Day' CHI
Metz meal REPAS
Much data: Abbr NOS
Nevada's Area 51, notably OPENSECRET
Oliver Twist, for one ORPHAN
Org. formed in Manila in 1954 SEATO
Org. that complements the IMF WTO
Organ __ DONOR
Part of a fictional dog name inspired by Sinatra's 'Strangers in the Night' SCOOBY
Piccadilly Circus statue EROS
Picture with a surprise ending? PHOTOBOMB
Places with indoor windows, briefly OTBS
Product announced but never produced or canceled VAPORWARE
Protein-rich paste MISO
Pulitzer poet Van Duyn MONA
Quenched SLAKED
R&B singer __ Marie TEENA
Racing Unsers ALS
Rap article THA
River of Tuscany ARNO
Sainted pope called 'the Great' LEOI
See 35-Across OWAR
Spherical bacteria COCCI
Stock options? SOUPS
Storm problems OUTAGES
The King's middle name ARON
The Pont Neuf spans it SEINE
Treat again, as leather RETAN
Two __: fast-break advantage ONONE
Wi-Fi relative LAN
With 22-Down, immortal 20th-century racer MAN
Work on one's vacation, say PLAN
__ vote SWING