- Sep 22 2008

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Clues Answers
''Knock it off!'' STOP
''No talking!'' SHH
African snakes ASPS
Air-gun pellets BBS
Beef quantities: Abbr. LBS
Book's name TITLE
Bread with a pocket PITA
Campfire remains ASHES
Catch some Z's SLEEP
Cheek cosmetic ROUGE
Competent ABLE
Computer symbols ICONS
Do in, as a dragon SLAY
Doing nothing IDLE
Easy golf putt TAPIN
Eiffel Tower locale PARIS
Entrap SNARE
Extremely dark PITCHBLACK
False name ALIAS
Football throw PASS
Found the sum ADDED
Got up STOOD
Grasped in one's hand HELD
Hawaiian island MAUI
Health resort SPA
Hidden stockpile STASH
Homeowners' documents DEEDS
Icy precipitation SLEET
Janitor's sweeping tool PUSHBROOM
Kid around with TEASE
Lasting aftereffects SCARS
Like a he-man MACHO
Little kids TOTS
Low-key ''Hey!'' PSST
Made dog noises BARKED
Matured AGED
Mother or father PARENT
Narrow shelf LEDGE
Clues Answers
Noisy fight BRAWL
Peddle overseas SELLABROAD
Playground fixture SLIDE
Plod (through) SLOG
Poker-hand starter ANTE
Potato buds EYES
Remove the soapsuds from RINSE
Require NEED
Residence ABODE
Roller coaster, for one RIDE
Roofing material SLATE
Sand hill DUNE
Say suddenly, with ''out'' BLURT
School-year division SEMESTER
Scored 100 on ACED
Sheep's sound BAA
Shoe bottom SOLE
Shopping sprees, for example BINGES
Small taste BITE
Snakelike swimmers EELS
Soak in the tub BATHE
Start to bubble on a stove BOIL
State with confidence ASSERT
Stereo components AMPS
Sweltering HOT
Talked back to SASSED
Theater production SHOW
United ASONE
US alliance NATO
Use a chair SIT
Venetian-blind part SLAT
Wide belt SASH
Winter coaster SLED
Wise person SAGE
Woman's shoe style TSTRAP
Work doggedly PLUGALONG
__ go (release) LET
__ mistake (erred) MADEA