The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,263 - Feb 12 2017

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Clues Answers
-- Ball, 1911-89, US TV comedienne LUCILLE
-- May Alcott, 1832-88, US author LOUISA
Antoine Laurent --, 1743-94, French scientist LAVOISIER
Californian city north of Tijuana in Mexico SANDIEGO
Canadian river previously called the Hamilton CHURCHILL
Capital of Hesse state in Germany WIESBADEN
Character in a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm GRETEL
Chocolate Easter confection PASCHEGG
David --, English artist born in Bradford HOCKNEY
Drug for soothing nervous excitement NERVINE
Garden implements that are also spades DUTCHHOES
Genus of bellflowers CAMPANULA
Germany's annexation of Austria in 1938 ANSCHLUSS
Item that has been in a family for generations HEIRLOOM
Language of a people of Zimbabwe NDEBELE
Clues Answers
Largest living bird OSTRICH
Liturgical worship regarded as primary duty to God OPUSDEI
Members of a tribe occupying part of Canaan mentioned in Exodus 3:8 HIVITES
Nightmare or obsession that worries or disturbs greatly INCUBUS
Northamptonshire venue of the world conker championships ASHTON
Palace of bliss for souls of slain heroes in Scandinavian mythology VALHALLA
Rough with projecting points SCABRID
Salford rugby league team REDDEVILS
Savinien -- de Bergerac, 1619-55, French writer and dramatist CYRANO
Sister of Laban who became the wife of Isaac in the Old Testament REBECCA
St --, Bishop of Milan in fourth century AD AMBROSE
State capital of Tennessee NASHVILLE
Stock feed consisting of compressed cubes OILCAKE
Swedish name for Sweden SVERIGE
The Hammers, a London football team WESTHAM