The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,359 - Feb 24 2017

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Clues Answers
A bad mood when divine fellow's eaten that snail? GASTROPOD
A case of identity with financial implications? PATERNITYSUIT
Ancient hotels had fluctuating misfortunes OLDASTHEHILLS
Animal more passionate, hard to avoid OTTER
Birds disappear and lurk finally in woods GOSHAWKS
Biscuits as unusual treat for French friend to eat AMARETTI
Entering temporary accommodation, deliver spears TRIDENTS
Exhibition, something hairy bringing confrontation SHOWDOWN
Form of greeting he will love HELLO
Fruit for each simple boy outside back of farm PERSIMMON
Gets together, taking walks around southern Home Counties ASSEMBLES
Glowing elegy when bishop is buried LAMBENT
He's sinful, unlikely to be thinking mostly of other people UNSELFISH
Important time for using combine harvester AUGUST
Clues Answers
Kid endlessly pursued by yob? Calm down! CHILLOUT
Man initially cornered in big building CASTLE
Nest well-ventilated by the sound of it sometimes? EYRIE
One making an impression artistically ETCHER
One sort of wood and another with church lacking stonework ASHLAR
Overly upset, being stuck in building -- must be pacified SOOTHED
Piece of music from particular goddess LARGO
Put up with a troublesome pet catching cold repeatedly ACCEPT
Requirement for personal freedom -- tricky to make him trash gun HUMANRIGHTS
Set of programmes -- something corny on the radio? SERIAL
Sweet food item wrecks him, not one to permit MARSHMALLOW
Therefore catalogue must include old performer SOLOIST
Underground tunnel undamaged when penetrated by soldiers -- 1,000 WORMHOLE
What is awfully clear -- New York crime LARCENY