The Washington Post - Feb 25 2017

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Clues Answers
'Born from jets' automaker SAAB
'Galveston' or 'El Paso' SONG
'Point taken' ISEE
'The Stepford Wives' writer Levin IRA
'We need to have a heart-to-heart' LETSTALK
'You can't be serious!' GETREAL
'___ Once in My Life' (1968 Stevie Wonder hit) FOR
'___ to Perdition' ROAD
2016 Summer Olympic Games setting BRAZIL
a + b = b + a, e.g AXIOM
Arbor Day planting TREE
Audibly ALOUD
Author of 'The Black Stallion' WALTERFARLEY
Best Actor winner for 'The Champ' WALLACEBEERY
Best Director winner for 'Reds' WARRENBEATTY
Bio lab medium AGAR
Bother big-time EATAT
Boxer known for his 'sucker munch' TYSON
Bread or butter STAPLE
Buddy MAC
Caterpillar's snack LEAF
Cauterize SEAR
Cel block? PANEL
Central African nation CONGO
Chips and cracks FLAWS
City of a Thousand Minarets CAIRO
Computer hookup? EDATE
Contemporary of de Maupassant ZOLA
Cyberseller's site EBAY
Damage MAR
Direction taken after a relationship ends (and a hint to where 20-, 28-, and 48-Across may have gone) SEPARATEWAYS
Edelstein of 'House' LISA
Fan's fixation IDOL
Fashionable again RETRO
Feeder school for Cambridge and Oxford ETON
Film critic Roger EBERT
Fine portrayal? STOOGE
Fish eggs ROE
Forty winks NAP
Clues Answers
Franc replacement EURO
Freudian concern EGO
Galia or gac MELON
German industrial center ESSEN
Greek vowel ETA
Growler content ALE
Gushes SPEWS
Haydn nickname PAPA
He sits next to Bruno on 'Dancing with the Stars' LEN
Honkers in flight GEESE
Hurried reply to 'When do you want this?' ASAP
Jeff of the Traveling Wilburys LYNNE
Jerry Maguire, notably AGENT
John Muir, for one TRAIL
Lover of Guinevere LANCELOT
Mad cartoonist Martin DON
Major finish? ETTE
Middle-earth inhabitant ELF
Narrow valley GLEN
Needed fuel RANLOW
Object of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist ART
Org. that investigates false advertising FTC
Pit goo TAR
Plunders LOOTS
Shire of 'Rocky' TALIA
Show up APPEAR
Smoked delicacy EEL
Soup vegetable LEEK
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
State bird of Hawaii NENE
Stops in the country INNS
Sunburn relief ALOE
Ted Cruz, notably TEXAN
Took the subway RODE
Vacation reminder MEMENTO
Zigging or zagging YAWING
___ Lanka SRI
___ tide NEAP
___-cone SNO