The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26655 - February 22, 2017

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Clues Answers
Arid region, where good man in knight takes bird DUSTBOWL
Army man (US) on gin, originally — one downing spirits? GHOSTBUSTER
Athlete with garment down to his knees? LONGJUMPER
Close to cathedral, a supporter drawing cross LABRADOODLE
Cork cut, wine kept STORED
Course introducing enlisted American to sappers and soldiers REGIMEN
Cricket side bagging runs, I state OREGON
Cut fish MULLET
Domesticated animal — Matisse struggling to capture one that's flipped SIAMESECAT
Dry river, land! SECURE
Extra red inside? RARE
Failure to get information about old offence DUDGEON
Grass on another thief, for starters OAT
Historically, support for women some way off, a slight blow? FARTHINGALE
Issue I'd sorted out to keep gelding's head in front DISGUISE
Keeling over, open cut restricting a prince MAHARAJA
Clues Answers
Launched, in a lather, teacup at Liberal Democrat leaders Catapulted
Little money, something to chew over? QUID
Option judge expected, heartless REFUSAL
Outstanding condensed droplets, say? DUE
Oven that may open from below? AGA
Parasite beginning to smell, a stinker? SPONGER
Place left in the empty frame TRESTLE
Secret agent resolved to be in the limelight CENTRESTAGE
Series of complaints perhaps about charity rejected, so visibly happy RADIANT
Ship in middle of sea — measure of liquid surrounding it GALLEON
Smack insect from behind TANG
Storyteller on the drink REPORTER
Swimmer in short dress GAR
Ten's last, eight's first — there's one number between them? NINE
Terrified if must leave, then devastated to be permanently off work RETIRED
Westbound motorway unexceptional, becoming blocked IMPASSABLE