Canadiana - Feb 20 2017

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Clues Answers
A bunch of the brightest GENII
A hidden store CACHE
Alistair ___ (Newfie novelist) MACLEOD
Annie ____ (Newfie novelist) PROULX
Berserk AMOK
Bob ____ (Newfie hockey caster) COLE
Bogs down MIRES
British school ETON
Computor memory ROM
Constructs ERECTS
Cream puff ECLAIR
Cribs COTS
Dispatch SEND
Doctor ____ (childrens' author) SEUSS
Dr. for all GP
Egyptian sun god ATEN
English town ELY
Eye part IRIS
Female ruff REE
Firearm RIFLE
Flightless African ratite OSTRICH
Fotheringham or Blakeney, to pals AL
Friend, in Falaise AMI
Genetic info DNA
Go getter DOER
Goodies SWEETS
Hundredweight CWT
Japanese theater NOH
Lease LET
Likely APT
Luxurious auto LIMO
Clues Answers
Madrid's art gallery PRADO
Marsh plant IVA
Marvel comics character URICH
Mary ____ ( goofy Newfie) WALSH
Miserable SAD
Moroccan coastal region RIF
My, to Maurice MON
OR frequenter DR
Popular nut ALMOND
Prefix denoting ear OTO
Printers' units ENS
Printing machine PRESS
Ratings GRADES
Repair FIX
Rex ____ (Popular Newfie pundit) MURPHY
Rick ____ (Newfie General) HILLIER
Sask-born political party NDP
Schooner gear SAIL
Set aside SHELVE
Severs LOPS
Small boat PRAU
Spate WAD
Strayed ERRED
Suffix denoting devotee ITE
Tantalize TEASE
Tease RAG
Toronto hockeyist LEAF
Vessel URN
Word before Kreme KRISPY
_____ Neilsen (familiarly) LES