USA Today - Feb 19 2017

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Clues Answers
"Are we there ___?" YET
"Omigosh!" YIKES
"Shut your trap!" CANIT
"The Censor" of Rome CATO
"You there!" HEY
"___ Miz" (Broadway musical, casually) LES
15-Across makeup HAY
63-Across commonly served with chips COD
After the buzzer LATE
Bard's "before" ERE
Big name in briefs HANES
Blissful spot EDEN
Campanella of Cooperstown ROY
Candy that's pulled TAFFY
Capone facial feature SCAR
Clark's exploration partner LEWIS
Color on a San Jose Sharks uniform TEAL
Conclude one's case REST
Contributor to the Constitution FRAMER
Cousins of the 25-Across ERMINES
Curbside unit that's "fed" METER
Dangling carrot, e.g LURE
Do gigs on the road TOUR
Engrave with a stylus ETCH
Fanzine favorite IDOL
Fraternity or sorority SOCIETY
Gloomy ___ (pessimistic sort) GUS
Green Bay Packers fan CHEESEHEAD
Halloween ammo EGGS
Hang in there STAY
Hatchery sounds PEEPS
Hoedown seat BALE
It may become lava MAGMA
Jellied dish ASPIC
Kate's sitcom pal ALLIE
Laugh heartily ROAR
Letter from St. Paul EPISTLE
Lighten up EASE
Long, long time EON
Clues Answers
Mammal that enjoys waterslides OTTER
Mocha's land YEMEN
Muscular fitness TONE
Myers who voiced Shrek MIKE
Not to be done TABOO
Off the injured list ACTIVE
Off-key, in a way FLAT
Olivia of "House" WILDE
One of 20 original choppers MILKTOOTH
One of a pair of Skechers SHOE
Over-50 org AARP
Pastry from Linz TORTE
Platoon or squadron UNIT
Playing hooky, as a GI AWOL
Post-shampoo application CREAMRINSE
Potato or yam TUBER
President after Tyler POLK
Reply to "You wouldn't dare!" TRYME
Second draft, informally REDO
Seeded or seedless loaves RYES
Send to cloud nine ELATE
Shepherd in Genesis ABEL
Six years, for a senator TERM
Skype device, for short CAM
Snazzily dressed NATTY
Solder and pewter, for two ALLOYS
Spots on dice PIPS
Still in contention ALIVE
Sudden pains TWINGES
Suffragist ___ B. Anthony SUSAN
Super Monkey Ball game maker SEGA
Time in the army, say STINT
Toon who says "I yam what I yam" POPEYE
Traditional Friday fare FISH
Turn with a spatula FLIP
Unruly kid HELLION
Word before code or rug AREA
Yellow wildflower BUTTERCUP