- Feb 17 2017

Clues Answers
''Aladdin'' prince ALI
''Cruise Capital of the World'' MIAMI
''Inviting Intelligence'' group MENSA
''This isn't good!'' DEARME
Abysmal DEEP
At the ready ALERT
Australian feminist author GREER
Author O'Brien EDNA
Auto options STEREOS
Aviation concern ALTITUDE
Beagle shade TAN
Bus driver's concerns STOPS
Business' booking department CORPORATETRAVEL
Clinch ICE
Crow's nest cry CAW
Diffused through PERMEATED
Discussion starting point IDEA
Dish damage CHIP
Etchers' purchases ACIDS
False front ACT
Fare selection DIET
Feathery accessories BOAS
Flair ELAN
Give up BAGIT
Golden rule element UNTO
Hauled TOTED
Homer's neighbor NED
Impact sound BAM
InstituciĆ³n financiera BANCO
Is mistaken ERRS
King David writing PSALM
Lucidity REASON
Mag name that means ''she'' ELLE
Mineralogy ending ITE
Monarch's order EDICT
Clues Answers
More lucid SANER
Motown music RANDB
New-__ (Enya fan, perhaps) AGER
One on a fast track RACER
Pick on RIDE
Pierce ENTER
Poland's second city CRACOW
Pops up ARISES
Potter's potions professor SNAPE
Preallocate EARMARK
Puts cash down MAKESABET
Quite capable ADEPT
Recurring theme MOTIF
Schoolyard pursuit TAG
Schoolyard shout NOTIT
Sci-fi staple LABASSISTANT
Scottish cattle ANGUS
Senate, for one UPPERCHAMBER
Showed reverence, perhaps KNELT
Soft rock TALCUM
Some fowls TOMS
Something glowing in a grate EMBER
Sort of boatyard BASIN
Spaghetti or linguine STRANDS
Spotify selection ALBUM
Stock market stats HIGHS
Taxonomic category GENUS
To-go holder PAPERCUP
Unaided SOLO
Unvarnished NAKED
Vegas-set series CSI
Vibrant ALIVE
Walk-__ (surprise customers) INS
Weak tide NEAP
Where many highly paid guards work NBA
Wynonna's mom NAOMI