The Washington Post - Feb 18 2017

Clues Answers
'Blazing Saddles' director Brooks MEL
'___ the season to be jolly' TIS
Abe or Ike PREZ
Absorbs, as a loss EATS
Actor Davis of 'Grumpy Old Men' OSSIE
Actress Lupino or muckraker Tarbell IDA
Ages and ages EONS
Aleppo resident SYRIAN
Anne Rice vampire LESTAT
Arrive ___ understanding ATAN
Art Deco designer ERTE
Art museum in Trafalgar Square, London NATIONALGALLERY
Bad review PAN
Bean variety FAVA
Calendar column (abbr.) FRI
Civic center? VEE
Cockeyed ASKEW
Cocktail party serving CANAPE
Colombia, for example TROPICALCOUNTRY
Conductor Seiji OZAWA
Cushiony forest growth MOSS
Devotees FANS
Dickens villain Heep URIAH
Elbow roughly and rudely JOSTLE
Exams for would-be attys LSATS
Feel sorry for PITY
First place? EDEN
Flawlessly JUSTRIGHT
From the US AMER
Gathers bit by bit GLEANS
Go astray ERR
Green sci ECOL
Greets breezily SAYSHI
Have an allergic reaction, perhaps SNEEZE
Heavy burdens ONUSES
Home Depot offerings TOOLS
Important no. in college admissions GPA
Irish New Age singer ENYA
Clues Answers
It will never be charged again ONETIMEFEE
Jaguar competitor PORSCHE
Jiffy SEC
Letters that make a Broadway backer happy SRO
Log-in requirement USERID
Lynx or ocelot CAT
Madam's counterpart SIR
Matt of 'Today' LAUER
Meadow LEA
Mideast gulf or seaport ADEN
Neo's portrayer in 'The Matrix' KEANU
Notice SPOT
Old Italian money LIRA
Online music source ITUNES
Oscar winner Tatum ONEAL
Part of CBS (abbr.) SYST
Participate in a primary VOTE
Pasta often baked ZITI
Perfect IDEAL
Pestered, and then some NAGGED
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Polite request MAYI
Property claims LIENS
Records the numerical outcome, as in gin rummy or baseball KEEPSSCORE
Refrain from farming? EIEIO
Response to a rude remark, maybe SLAP
Rubik with a famous cube ERNO
Rubs out, in mob slang OFFS
Slithery swimmer EEL
Some toothpaste choices GELS
Subcompact car formerly produced by Chrysler DODGEOMNI
White sale purchase LINEN
Wine barrel CASK
Word on an octagonal street sign STOP
Word with crust or chart PIE
Words With Friends, e.g APP
___ Fountain (Rome attraction) TREVI
___-Rooter ROTO