The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26650 - February 16, 2017

Clues Answers
Abuse reputation and profession NAMECALLING
Agitated old marshal clutching Bible NERVY
Asian banker's great effort to avoid tax INDUS
Balkan who achieved greatness by stopping a lover drowning ALEXANDER
Care with which the solver obtains qualification MINDYOU
Chess champion? WHITEKNIGHT
Children's book: due to order one in the morning JUSTWILLIAM
Diarist's life's covering years PEPYS
Extremes of endurance long ago for a friend to bear EEYORE
Get back when expected: I subsequently returned RETALIATE
High point of month: girlfriend meeting artist, posh JUNGFRAU
It falls at start of January, end of July and middle of September STRESS
Made contact on parking — this the result? PRANG
Making fist of PE, avoiding usual runs? OFFPISTE
Maybe weekly case containing food and flyer MAGPIE
Moving a lot of dope — with good reason SPRIGHTLY
Clues Answers
No queen ultimately like a goddess HECATE
On parts of the continent, a single girl UNA
Prevent ideological displays this late in the day EVENTIDE
Racism upset daughter in mobile phone store SIMCARD
Red Cross first to attend to damage MARXIST
Returning every so often, rushes onto the island HONSHU
Scoundrel ordered sailor uprising BADLOT
Short cut parents put a stop to: a large crossing not available PANAMACANAL
Song and dance act led by foremost of artistes ADO
State capital not quite enough for Cathedral? STPAUL
Style attributed to Rubens himself, originally FLEMISH
Swimmer scaled gumtree, ascending rapidly at first GAR
The establishment no one has a pop at ORPHANAGE
The works visit boycotted by clubs ALL
Turn up before start to compete at Hickstead? SHOWJUMP
What stand-up comedian holds vital — and which satirist takes? MICKEY