The Telegraph - Cryptic - Feb 16 2017

Clues Answers
Amazing seeing worker with wine in football club FANTASTIC
American in Lincoln is hurt ABUSE
Arm is lost at sea in part of yacht STORMSAIL
Change the design others used with US university clearing area RESTYLE
Colourful band making journey inside Home Counties STRIPE
Deal engineered by assistant in foreign city ADELAIDE
Distortion is not commonly seen in women's make-up WARPAINT
Excuse brief liberation in capital ALIBI
Firm's chap probing dodgy data ADAMANT
Four directions given by landlords in information sheets NEWSLETTERS
Good man in firm beginning to sustain legal expense COSTS
Infected by contagious fear in a PC, apparently? PANICSTRICKEN
Location for TV dinner and 400m race coincide? OVERLAP
Mind and matter engaged by popular controversial therapy INTELLECT
Clues Answers
Obey flag -- ban manoeuvres in this area of Indian Ocean BAYOFBENGAL
Person that's developed overhead ultraviolet screens ADULT
Personal artwork display by soldiers TATTOO
Place for records about central point on railway REGISTRY
Porridge by 6am, say, for one? EARLYBIRD
Price lordship dished out for exotic flower SLIPPERORCHID
Refusal I noted awkwardly in middle of day NOONTIDE
Row about resistance -- one makes an effort TRIER
Sailor who commands respect mostly with the French from the south ADMIRAL
Severe Russian seen by river -- English river largely RIGOROUS
Shred message after departure to a higher place RIPUP
Slander over fast food in Scottish town DUMFRIES
Source of numbers on street? BUSKER
Where mountaineer may be nervous ONEDGE