The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,123 - Feb 17 2017

Clues Answers
Briefly excuse sailor with a show person ALIBABA
Bush left in more spacious cape WILDERNESS
Cook agreed to keep new pineapple GRENADE
Dismiss Penthouse centrefold that's wasted MISSPENT
Ditches old bird on way back MOATS
Duke is placed next to earl in row DISPUTE
Galvanised party with joint exercises first WHIPPEDUP
Gym painter decorated, ignoring current show PETERPAN
Histrionic 8 inducted into bizarre erotica OPERATIC
Horse has gone off to get cooler DUNGEON
Like child at show, past caring at the end AGOG
Mike abandons correct piping REEDY
One can rave about English Rover ITINERANT
One stops peaceniks before fully mounting show CINDERELLA
People of power head south, drinking old red wine POTENTATES
Clues Answers
Poles used to be right among Anglo-Saxon respondents ANSWERERS
Relax and laugh a little, not hysterically (3,2,3,4,3) LETITALLHANGOUT
Rutter orchestrated things for prenuptial dos STAGNIGHTS
She showed some initiative after revolution EVITA
Show person area in ancient city above Troy THEBEAST
Show person former airline task bar first BEAUTY
Show person in show with wet pants SNOWWHITE
Show person mature under pressure PAGE
Show person one Zulu in charge WIZARD
Show person unfinished racket BABE
Show person's choice of rides in Badminton SINBAD
Show person, lawyer and writer DAME
Show place, extremely old dilapidated one ODEON
Simpson is back initially with a Native American OJIBWA