USA Today - Feb 7 2017

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Clues Answers
"Stop being a wimp!" MANUP
"Thirty days ___ September . . ." HATH
24/7 cash source ATM
Armored car robberies HEISTS
Bit of baloney FIB
Blender component MOTOR
Blow away AMAZE
Boutique or bodega STORE
Brings up the rear LAGS
Celestial light show METEORSHOWER
Cloverleaf outlet EXIT
Complicated, as a breakup MESSY
Concert venue ARENA
Construction site sight CEMENTMIXER
Creme-centered treat OREO
Crosswords, in the 1920s CRAZE
Custodian's closet item MOP
Enjoy Vail SKI
Exceeded the limit SPED
Finds new players for RECASTS
Finished off DIDIN
First lady before Jackie MAMIE
Follower of black-eyed or lazy SUSAN
Foxtrot, to a horse GAIT
Gift tag word FROM
Go like a bunny HOP
Got lost in thought MUSED
Hardly lenient STERN
He's no gentleman CAD
Heavy spheroid in a gym MEDICINEBALL
How "great minds think" ALIKE
Humble reply to a compliment ITRY
Hydrogen's atomic number ONE
Indiana and Han, to Harrison ROLES
Indicators of footnotes ASTERISKS
Infield repair need SOD
Jet speed word MACH
Law enforcers at Yellowstone RANGERS
Lines from Groucho QUIPS
Clues Answers
Mall Santa, e.g TEMP
Mary Quant skirt design MINI
Maui music maker, briefly UKE
Mean mutts CURS
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Name associated with honesty ABE
Nikkei Index currency YEN
Occupies a roosting bar PERCHES
Parlor artwork, for short TATS
Playbill list ACTORS
Poehler of "Baby Mama" AMY
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Proof of purchase SALESSLIP
Pundits' page, for short OPED
Raid the fridge EAT
Rapper born Tracy Marrow ICET
Rehabber's setback RELAPSE
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
Say "May I?" ASK
Seascape color AQUA
Seekers of a lost child, say SEARCHPARTY
Shelter adoptees PETS
Shower curtain supports RODS
Small-screen statuettes EMMYS
Social no-no TABOO
Spoil the appearance of MAR
Strips on some burgers BACON
Summon, as a memory EVOKE
Supersized planter URN
Surname synonymous with synonyms ROGET
Sword-wielding TV princess XENA
Syntax ___ (programmer's flub) ERROR
They're drawn in some tourneys BYES
Tin Woodman's can filler OIL
Tropical squawker MACAW
U-Haul rival RYDER
Versatile blackjack card ACE
Vote down, informally NIX
Windshield darkener TINT