New York Times - Feb 7 2017

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Clues Answers
'Ergo ...' THUS
'Let's Get Loud' singer, affectionately JLO
'Masterpiece Theatre' network PBS
'See ya' PEACE
'That's a ___!' WRAP
'The Grapes of Wrath' surname JOAD
'The ___, the Proud, the Marines' FEW
1993 football movie starring Sean Astin RUDY
2014 Super Bowl performer BRUNOMARS
A cat is said to have nine of them LIVES
Animal hide PELT
Annual Austin festival, for short SXSW
Asian river whose name is one letter away from an Ivy League college YALU
At any point in history EVER
Bear whose bed was too hard for Goldilocks PAPA
Bedside buzzer ALARM
Bird-related AVIAN
Blemish WART
Broadcast AIR
Broadcast part AUDIO
Central points LOCI
Charges for some Madison Avenue firms ADFEES
Chest of drawers BUREAU
Comic strip sound from a drunkard HIC
Common street name MAIN
Condom material LATEX
Cookie that's often pulled apart OREO
David ___, philosopher influenced by Locke HUME
Debonair URBANE
First coat for a painter PRIMER
First place where Napoleon was exiled ELBA
Fish eggs ROE
Four-term prez FDR
Grander than grand EPIC
Heart of the matter MEAT
Hold together COHERE
Hung around STAYED
Clues Answers
In a relaxed rhythm, musically RUBATO
Inflame with love ENAMOR
Interest rate setter, with 'the' FED
Loser to the tortoise, in fable HARE
Lovey-dovey sound COO
Make bread EARN
Many a Donald Trump announcement TWEET
Mexican dish served in a shell TACO
Muscle toned from push-ups, informally PEC
Oafish sort BOOR
Off-roaders, for short ATVS
On edge ANTSY
People often caution against reinventing it WHEEL
Place divers explore REEF
Pointy stone used in early Native American weaponry ARROWHEAD
Prominent Dumbo features EARS
Queen's place CHESSBOARD
Queens' place NEWYORKCITY
Repeated word before 'pants on fire' LIAR
Scorcher HOTONE
Secular LAIC
See 47-Across HALLOFFAME
See 5-Across NOW
Shake one's booty TWERK
Site of the first-in-the-nation caucuses IOWA
Snowman in 'Frozen' OLAF
So done with SICKOF
Teri who played Phoebe's mother on 'Friends' GARR
Title for two Clue characters MRS
Track-and-field event RELAY
TV news deliverer ANCHOR
Twisted humor IRONY
Villain's vanquisher HERO
Warning initials above an Internet link NSFW
With 15-Across, 'Don't delay!' ACT
With 57-Across, Queen's place ROCKANDROLL
World Cup sport SOCCER