Jonesin' - Feb 7 2017

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Clues Answers
'Alice's Restaurant' singer Guthrie ARLO
'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret' author BLUME
'Don't point the finger ... the freeze was an accident!' ICYYOUREMADATME
'Donnie Darko' actor Patrick SWAYZE
'Fish' star Vigoda ABE
'I was impervious to constant chatter' GABJUSTFLEWBYME
'Kneel before ___!' ('Superman II' line) ZOD
'Ology,' for short SCI
'Sounds like a plan!' IMIN
'That coffee holder won't work if it's ginormous' URNBIGTROUBLE
'Twistin' the Night Away' singer SAMCOOKE
Adjective for 2017 (but not 2018) PRIME
Agcy. overseeing cosmetics FDA
Alcohol pads for wound care SWABS
Amusingly twisted WRY
Borscht ingredient BEET
Burning with desire ARDENT
Certain discriminators (var.) AGISTS
Champ before Ali LISTON
Church or movie ending? GOER
Companion to five 'W's HOW
Cuprite, e.g ORE
Cut down on driving, say SAVEGAS
Cy Young Award stat ERA
Day-___ (fluorescent paint) GLO
Deodorant's place UNDERARM
Desert rest stop OASIS
Dollar amount in a Western? FISTFUL
Drama with the fictional firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak LALAW
Drive headlong into RAM
Extremely TOO
Far-sighted person? SEER
Fencing weapon FOIL
Former pro wrestler ___ Bigelow BAMBAM
FX series with Billy Bob Thornton FARGO
Genre for many 'Weird Al' Yankovic medleys POLKA
Grass-like surfaces TURFS
Green-lights OKS
Henchman created by J.M. Barrie SMEE
Clues Answers
Indian restaurant basketful NAAN
It may be copied for family members KEY
Kerfuffles TODOS
Kiddie-lit character with a pinned-on tail EEYORE
Like mechanical bulls and rocking horses RIDEABLE
Little dog PUG
Lobster wearer's clothing BIB
Loses it SNAPS
Mitt Romney's alma mater, for short BYU
Nabokov ending? VEE
Nastily derogatory SNIDE
Next-to-last Greek letter PSI
On guard WARY
Over again ANEW
Owed right now DUE
Palm features FRONDS
Prefix with byte or hertz TERA
Put ___ show ONA
Reason for a yearly shot FLU
Rent co-payer, casually ROOMIE
School crossing sign word SLO
Semi, to a trucker RIG
Source of a breakdown? ENZYME
Speaks too proudly BOASTS
Startle FAZE
Stayed put SATSTILL
Strummer or Cocker JOE
Surname in a Styx song ROBOTO
Swing around a pivot SLUE
Tacks on ADDS
Take, as a coupon HONOR
The 'A' in many beer acronyms ALE
The tiniest amount ONEIOTA
Unappetizing food GLOP
Uprising of a sort RIOT
Vegas headliner? LAS
What the befuddled have NOCLUE
Word often confused with 'fewer' LESS
___ buco (veal entree) OSSO