Wall Street Journal - Feb 8 2017 - Binge-Watching

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Clues Answers
'Didn't I tell you that would happen?' SEE
'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' director David YATES
'I don't recognize that name' WHO
'The Name of the Rose' writer ECO
'To the stars,' in mottos ADASTRA
2004 Olympics host ATHENS
Amy's sometime co-host TINA
Back-to-back episodes of a Dick Van Patten dramedy? SIXTEENISENOUGH
Back-to-back episodes of a Jon Cryer sitcom? FIVEMEN
Back-to-back episodes of a Neve Campbell series? PARTYOFTEN
Back-to-back episodes of an ABC News program? FORTYFORTY
Back-to-back episodes of an HBO drama? TWELVEFEETUNDER
Backwoods brawler RASSLER
Bagged leaves TEA
Big 12 sch. that's the home of the Horned Frogs TCU
Big 12 sch. that's the home of the Wildcats KSU
Big finale CAPPER
Blistering reviews PANS
Brief time SEC
Cartoon character with a horse named Nightmare CASPER
Cathedral city of Cambridgeshire ELY
Center of concentration LOCUS
Currently owing DUE
Email subject line abbr FWD
Exceedingly ULTRA
Female with a sheepish expression? EWE
Furthermore ALSO
Generally considered REPUTED
Hardly touches, at the dinner table PICKSAT
Have a sleepless night TOSS
Hogwash ROT
Hosp. pic MRI
How 'a rose by any other name would smell' ASSWEET
I trouble? EGO
Iberian invaders MOORS
Interminable wait EON
It comes from the hearth ASH
Kill, as legislation NIX
Kill, as legislation VETO
Clues Answers
Like Jack Benny, famously MISERLY
Makeup of many casks OAK
Marbling in meat FAT
Mark's successor EURO
Mint family plant CHIA
Pate covering RUG
Phishing attempt SCAM
Playground retort ARESO
Plucking need TWEEZER
Prefix for graphic or logical IDEO
Private employer ARMY
Pro's charge FEE
Relaxed manner EASINESS
Reverend known for 'bird watching' SPOONER
Riviera resort STTROPEZ
Round cheese EDAM
Side effect of steroid use ACNE
Sleep REST
Spa offering PEEL
Steakhouse order RARE
Straddled SATATOP
Surrounding glow HALO
Tear RIP
They come before big days EVES
To the back AREAR
Trailing plant CREEPER
Triage ctrs ERS
Tuna, at the sushi bar AHI
Victims of some viruses PCS
Waits in the recording studio TOM
Wee ones TADS
What tees cover TORSI
Winter woe FLU
Word on a Ouija board YES
Words of feigned enthusiasm OHGEE
Wrist connection ULNA
___ effort EFOR