L.A. Times Daily - Feb 5 2017

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Clues Answers
"Ahooga!" producer? SILLYHONK
"All My Children" Emmy winner on her 19th try LUCCI
"Jeepers!" OMIGOSH
"Monsters, __" INC
"Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat" author AMYTAN
"The game didn't go well" ILOST
"Top Hat" studio RKO
'70s jazz band Spyro __ GYRA
15-member sports org ACC
2008 bailout beneficiary AIG
2014 "Cosmos" presenter __ deGrasse Tyson NEIL
Anti-bullying ad, e.g PSA
Arizona neighbor SONORA
August birthstone PERIDOT
Be on the disabled list, say AIL
Blue __: German wine brand NUN
Bottled surprise GENIE
Braces (oneself) STEELS
Brewery unit KEG
Brian who has coached two Olympic skating gold medalists ORSER
Bucket list items, say GOALS
Card game with tricks EUCHRE
Chip flavoring SOURCREAM
Clump on a lawn TUFT
Common boot feature LACING
Conceptual artist Yoko ONO
Day break? LUNCH
Den focal point TVSET
Did pre-heist planning at CASED
Director DuVernay AVA
Director's shout ACTION
Disencumber RID
Doll HON
Dorm room, perhaps STY
Down SAD
Dr. Seuss title ender AWHO
Ducks, on ESPN crawls ANA
Employment org. created in 1935 WPA
Enterprise rival ALAMO
Every partner EACH
Excitement about the producer of the original "Charlie's Angels"? SPELLINGBUZZ
Farrier's tool RASP
Flexible pronoun substitute HEORSHE
Former "Weekend Today" co-host Hill ERICA
Galaxy Note accessory STYLUS
Genesis vessel ARK
Get out of a pickle RESCUE
Gets ready to operate PREPS
Govt. lawyer ADA
Group on a mission TASKFORCE
Hard golf club to swing? GRUNTIRON
Held at the station INCUSTODY
How some goods are quickly sold ATCOST
Hurdle for srs GRE
I-beam relative HBAR
Ill-advised move NONO
Independent African nation since 1993 ERITREA
Indian lentil stew DAL
Inhospitable medical fraud? COLDQUACK
Iowa's state tree OAK
Ipecac, for one EMETIC
Irish brew REDALE
Island veranda LANAI
It's good in Quebec BON
Jennifer of "Zero Dark Thirty" EHLE
Landscaping mulch specialists? BARKHANDLERS
Large seaweed KELP
Clues Answers
Like the viva voce part of some exams ORAL
Local branch CHAPTER
Longtime Wyoming senator Mike ENZI
Make a move STIR
Make more attractive SWEETEN
Market before building PRESELL
Media player command SYNC
MGM motto word ARS
Model X maker TESLA
Moves like a monarch FLITS
Number for a pair DUET
Obama __ ERA
October Revolution figure LENIN
Old Fords LTDS
One way to learn ASK
One with lasting merit KEEPER
Org. that dropped "Lawn" from its name in 1975 USTA
Overdo the flattery LAYITON
Ovine sign ARIES
Pampas birds RHEAS
Part of iOS SYST
Pet Shop Boys label EMI
Pipe smoker's gadget TAMP
Plant with edible leaf sheaths LEEK
Playful crib liner? SQUEAKPAD
Poland neighbor UKRAINE
Pool triangle RACK
Posting that periodically reposts itself? MIGRATORYTWEET
Prefix with -lexic DYS
Question in Matthew ISITI
Register, as a sale RINGUP
Rent-a-car choice SEDAN
Restless desire ITCH
Return from searching? GOOGLEHIT
Ritz alternative HIHO
Sch. in Tempe ASU
Schubert's "The __ King" ERL
Scout's find, ideally TALENT
See eye to eye AGREE
Seed used in smoothies CHIA
Shaq's pos CTR
She played Buffy SARAH
Sherpas' language NEPALI
Shiny craft store supply GLITTER
Sign of a lawn tractor problem? HISSINTHEGRASS
Some float in place with the tide PIERS
Sounded displeased SNORTED
Spoils recipient VICTOR
Spunkmeyer of cookie fame OTIS
Starting with ASOF
Stevedore's org ILA
Suggested subtly GOTAT
Sulky-pulling horse PACER
Swimmer's bane CRAMPS
Tab target SLOT
Takes in HAS
The same EQUAL
The Skatalites music genre REGGAE
Transitional state WAKING
Type of counter seen in kitchens? CALORIE
Uses Facebook Chat, briefly IMS
Vogue rackmate ELLE
Voice of the difficult homeowner in "Up" ASNER
With alarming suddenness WHAMMO
Woods on a tee TIGER
Yelp contributor RATER
__ cavity NASAL
__ Schwarz FAO
__ wrench TORQUE
__-starter SELF