New York Times - Apr 15 2001

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Clues Answers
'God is our refuge and strength ...,' for one PSALM
'He that ___ over men must be just': II Samuel RULETH
'La Dolce Vita' setting ROME
'M*A*S*H' Emmy-winner SWIT
'The Cotton Club' co-star GERE
'The Wizard of Oz' prop OILCAN
'Wherever Law ends, ___ begins': John Locke TYRANNY
39-line poem SESTINA
60's singer Christie LOU
72, often PAR
A tray may hold it ASH
Aesopian coda MORAL
Almost equal CLOSE
Alphabetic trio RST
Autumn color OCHRE
Award for 'Curse of the Starving Class' OBIE
Bad blood in Beijing? CHINESEFEUD
Batter before Casey BLAKE
Be part of the cast of ACTIN
Begins to develop DAWNS
Best Actor of 2000 CROWE
Big East team PITT
Big lie TALE
Bronze beater SILVER
By and by ANON
Came down RAINED
Canaanite deity BAAL
Chest: Prefix STETHO
Churchgoer's pet name for his seat? WINNIETHEPEW
City in Vermont RUTLAND
Closed in on NEARED
Communally ASONE
Concentrate DISTILL
Conscriptable ONEA
Contract PACT
Crimson foe ELI
Curriculum section UNIT
Dress (up) TOG
Dreyfus defender ZOLA
Feminine suffix ENNE
Fine print, maybe AGATE
Fire ___ OPAL
Fissures RIFTS
Flight attendant's offering TEA
Footprint, maybe CLUE
Force DINT
Former 'N.Y.P.D. Blue' co-star SMITS
Four-man tanks SHERMANS
German article DER
Gets nasty outside SLEETS
Glitch SNAG
Grant leads off the show? HUGHSONFIRST
Hatch in the Senate ORRIN
Heir to the throne ELDEST
Highlander GAEL
Immediately PRESTO
Incriminating information DIRT
Ionic alternative DORIC
Isn't natural DYES
It carries a bit BRIDLE
It clears the way HORN
Clues Answers
It might follow you ARE
Jackson or Cleveland CITY
Kind of rod TOWEL
Latin I EGO
Least emotional ICIEST
Low-___ CAL
Manhattan addition ITE
Many an office has one OATH
Map overlay GRID
Mex. madames SRAS
Mil. training site OCS
Motorist's winter aid SCRAPER
Muddy up ROIL
Mussorgsky bass BORIS
Nod off DROWSE
Not fair BIASED
Not fer AGIN
Notwithstanding DESPITE
Once called NEE
One who works with a code: Abbr. ATTY
Peace EASE
Pig in a sty WALLOWER
Pillsbury Bake-Off officials TASTERS
Pizarro's quest ORO
Place for forks and knives SCULLERY
Plug, of a sort CHAW
Pluto, for one DOG
Poetic regions CLIMES
Present ONSITE
Quebec's Plains of ___ ABRAHAM
Recorded ONTAPE
Relative group NIECES
Relieved SOLACED
River to Leeds AIRE
S. & L. offering IRA
Santa's reindeer, e.g. OCTAD
Scene of W.W. I fighting SOMME
Score of 'Cats'? MEWEDMUSIC
Signs of censorship ERASURES
Sioux speaker OTO
Sixth-brightest star ZETA
Slightly improper RACY
Smacker CLAM
Snippy TART
Spread out SPLAY
Stage apparel TUTU
Status quo group INS
Steeped IMBUED
Tends the furnace STOKES
Tennis official SCORER
Tennyson lady ENID
They strike while the iron is hot SMITHS
They're always tired CARS
Two things in Clinton's poolroom? BILLANDCUE
Unbroken ENTIRE
Unkempt hair MAT
Uris's '___ 18' MILA
Victim of sun burn? ICARUS
Victorian, in a way ORNATE
Wet-weather gear PONCHO
Wheels of fortune? LIMO
When coal, gas and oil are delivered? ALLFUELSDAY
Where mountain climbers train? BUTTECAMP
Where silence reigns? MUTEPOINT
Whimper MEWL
Wise guy SMARTY
Zing PEP
___ loss ATA