USA Today - Feb 3 2017

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Clues Answers
"Arrival" star Adams AMY
"Give ___ rest!" ITA
"In ___ of flowers . . ." LIEU
"Negatory!" NOPE
"Science Friday" airer NPR
"Solve for x" subj ALG
"___ Town" (Wilder play) OUR
17th-century diarist Samuel PEPYS
1942 Hope/Crosby comedy ROADTOMOROCCO
1980s series about an earthbound angel HIGHWAYTOHEAVEN
2014 Winter Games host city SOCHI
Accept, as a competitor's coupon HONOR
Add a clause to, e.g AMEND
Almost always OFTEN
Auto shop supply PARTS
Bill of Rights defender (Abbr.) ACLU
Breakfast chain founded in 1958 IHOP
Busy mo. for a CPA APR
Collection of Shakespeare's plays, e.g FOLIO
Concert or game locale VENUE
Cookies 'n cream cookies OREOS
Cop's nonlethal weapon TASER
Corrida "bravo!" OLE
Creative notion IDEA
Delhi dress SARI
Destine to oblivion DOOM
Does a fairway chore MOWS
Dot follower on campus EDU
Exam for H.S. juniors PSAT
Feel remorse for RUE
Friend in the barrio AMIGO
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Fruit packaging unit CRATE
Gets the better of OVERCOMES
Grad students' grillings ORALS
Had to fork over OWED
Hibachi buildup ASH
Hobby farm denizen ANT
Clues Answers
Holiday Inn offering MOTELROOM
Hot off the press NEW
Illusion-creating works OPART
In the know, in old slang HEP
Like Felix Ungar NEAT
Like Oscar Madison MESSY
Make less harsh EASE
Many psych degrees BAS
Means of securing 270 electoral votes, say PATHTOVICTORY
Mob squealer RAT
Music originating in Cuba RUMBA
Musk's electric car company TESLA
Newlywed's acquisition INLAW
Partner of Crackle and Pop SNAP
Photo-sharing app INSTAGRAM
Plane measure AREA
Put into pigeonholes SORT
Rank below sgt CPL
Relatives of skates and sawfishes MANTARAYS
Removed from the freezer THAWEDOUT
River also known as the Zaire CONGO
Scored 100 on ACED
Sensational, tabloid-style LURID
Sets one's sights AIMS
Sharp-witted ACUTE
Side with a sandwich SLAW
Skid row denizen WINO
Skirt with a flare ALINE
Sonny & Cher were one DUO
Speak of slightingly DISPARAGE
Special Forces unit ATEAM
Stuff, as into a suitcase CRAM
The Thinker sculptor RODIN
Wander here and there ROVE
Within shouting distance, say NEAR
Word in 12/8/41 headlines WAR
Work on a loom WEAVE
Wrapped up ENDED
___ de vie (brandy) EAU