- Feb 1 2017

Clues Answers
# # #, on music SHARPS
''Of __ and Men'' (Steinbeck novel) MICE
A whole lot MUCH
All possible EVERY
Apparel ATTIRE
Astronauts' org NASA
Bakery wares CAKES
Banquet host EMCEE
Be nosy MEDDLE
Beach bucket PAIL
Beer barrel KEG
Box score stat RBI
Brush __ (review) UPON
Buddhist sect ZEN
Burn soother ALOE
Business workshop SEMINAR
Capital of Taiwan TAIPEI
Capone's nemesis NESS
Cleo's snake ASP
Clever move COUP
Closeup lens ZOOM
Consumed EATEN
Cozy spots NESTS
Cushion PAD
Descended gradually SANK
Drink on draft ALE
Eisenhower nickname IKE
Fake coins SLUGS
Female relative NIECE
Fill with joy ELATE
Finishes up ENDS
Found on these pages HEREIN
Get out of bed RISE
Go into hiding HOLEUP
Golden State sch UCLA
Hurricane center EYE
In the manner of ALA
In __ (harmonious) SYNC
Insist on DEMAND
Clues Answers
IRS form expert CPA
Japan's locale ASIA
Make possible ENABLE
Melodic TONAL
Military aviators' grp USAF
Mom's boy SON
Monarch's domain REALM
Name in two states DAKOTA
Nebraska river PLATTE
Nonconformist REBEL
Nose out EDGE
Opinion survey POLL
Owns HAS
Prefix for red INFRA
Prefix for septic ANTI
Radio wave-emitting star PULSAR
Ran in neutral IDLED
Raw mineral ORE
Self-esteem EGO
Shipped off SENT
Sideshow worker CARNY
Small change CHICKENFEED
Small change POCKETMONEY
Soar FLY
Sounded hoarse RASPED
Sundial numeral III
Swamps BOGS
Sweetie pie HON
That lady SHE
Tie the knot WED
Top left PC key ESC
Trendy, informally HIP
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Unexpected absentee NOSHOW
Wear away ERODE
Workers' groups UNIONS