Universal - Sep 11 2008

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Clues Answers
''90210'' actress Spelling TORI
''Butterflies ___ Free'' ARE
''Laverne & Shirley'' character Babish EDNA
''___ La Douce'' IRMA
Acts with anger RAGES
Additionally ALSO
Affixes ADDS
Algerian metropolis ORAN
All-knowing WISE
Antisocial person LONER
Beginnings of some pranks DARES
Brewery mixture MASH
Catchall category OTHERS
Countryside cylinder SILO
Cupboard part DOOR
Daytime TV staple OPRAH
Declare as true AVER
Els with tees ERNIE
Ended a hunger strike ATE
Essence of roses ATTAR
Extended-family member MOTHERINLAW
Fabric with ornamental threads LAME
Face paste? SLAP
Favre, notably PASSER
Firewood measures STERES
Fourteen pounds, in Brighton STONE
Fury IRE
Hand-lotion ingredient ALOE
Holding pens CAGES
Homburg and Panama HATS
In-flight attendant STEWARD
It precedes ''more'' and ''lasting'' EVER
Jazzy Della REESE
Leo's locks MANE
List for electors SLATE
Little green orb PEA
Made it to the ground ALIT
Clues Answers
Mark Twain and Saki PENNAMES
Mentioned REMARKED
Mergers and buyouts DEALS
Mexican Mrs. SRA
Monotonous routines RUTS
Needs a new washer, perhaps DRIPS
Newspapers are tossed along it ROUTE
Number for the show TWO
Orphan Annie's protector ASP
Pesticide target ANT
Pindar works ODES
Pipe fittings TEES
Plant bug APHID
Poverty NEED
Presented, as a problem POSED
Provide bearings ORIENT
Quite the expert MAVEN
Racetrack advisor TOUT
Sally Field title role SYBIL
Scratching post scratchers CLAWS
Settled the tab PAID
She may be fraternal TWINSISTER
Sign of a hit show LINE
Small amounts TADS
Small merganser SMEW
Smithereens maker TNT
Sometimes-annoying sibling KIDBROTHER
Southwestern stewpot OLLA
Speak unclearly SLUR
TV adjustment CONTRAST
Wash up LAVE
Wasting food, to some SIN
What rhabdomancers do DOWSE
Wight, e.g. ISLE
Women of distinction HEROINES
Word of hearty concurrence AMEN
Word with ''bug'' or ''googly'' EYED
Word with ''high-pressure'' AREA