Wall Street Journal - Jan 20 2017 - That's an Order!

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Clues Answers
'Gimme ___!' ASEC
'Sounds like fun!' IMIN
'That so?' ISIT
*Conestoga circle WAGONWHEEL
*Immediately upon looking ATAGLANCE
*It features scrolls up top IONICCOLUMN
*Land and structures REALESTATE
*Roll the dice TAKEACHANCE
Aix eye OEIL
Apple on a desk IMAC
Bowler's assignment LANE
Campus drilling org ROTC
Chip giant INTEL
Classify SORT
Considering everybody OFALL
Corner key CTRL
Country that split into two in 2011 SUDAN
Defamatory statement CALUMNY
Denver paper POST
Eastern European capital SOFIA
Easy marks SIMPS
Every-decade count USCENSUS
Foreordain the result of RIG
French legislative body SENAT
Garten in the kitchen INA
Georgia city, casually ATL
Grant Wood or John Wayne, e.g IOWAN
Hand over CEDE
Harnesses the wind SAILS
Hot stuff MAGMA
Iconic start? LONGI
Its first letter stands for 'untersee' UBOAT
Its highest point is Mount Ka'ala OAHU
Leave out OMIT
Clues Answers
Letter measurement PICAS
Like two Max Scherzer games in 2015 NOHIT
Marsh growths REEDS
Middle range ALTO
Mono- UNI
Must, casually GOTTA
No manly man WUSS
Not after UNTIL
Not repeatedly ONCE
Noteworthy stretch ERA
Outstanding STELLAR
Pacific paste POI
Photog Adams ANSEL
Powerful diamond ACE
Prodded URGED
Quill liquid INK
Restaurants with several syrups IHOPS
Root beer brand AANDW
Ruckus NOISE
Shades HUES
She lives in a sty SOW
Signal to the auctioneer BID
Small digit PINKY
Smidgen IOTA
Soul sisters? NUNS
Spork part TINE
Stern with a bow ISAAC
Store with the same colors as the Swedish flag IKEA
Stravinsky and Sikorsky IGORS
Till bill ONE
Till bill TEN
Two of 206 ULNAE
Underground business SALTMINE
Viking territory MINNESOTA
Walton of Walmart SAM
Words on a cake in 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Animal House' EATME
Working hard ATIT
Y chromosome carrier MALE