Universal - Jan 11 2017

Clues Answers
"Bummer!" to Shakespeare ALAS
"It's ___ cry from ..." AFAR
"Scream" actress Campbell NEVE
"Wishy-___" (indecisive) WASHY
"___ Brockovich" ERIN
A tiny part of this? DOT
Accessories, to a salesperson ADDONS
Accused one's defense ALIBI
Any credit card balance DEBT
Bakery buy, sometimes BUN
Best man's oration TOAST
Betting probabilities ODDS
Blood of the Greek gods ICHOR
Bonnie and Clyde, infamously PARTNERSINCRIME
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Cab money FARE
Chased after, as a detective TAILED
Completely blows away AWES
Cubic measure of firewood STERE
Data unit BYTE
December purchase for many TREE
Divide into piles SORT
Easter-hunt link EGG
Eggs in a science lab OVA
Entertainment of old DIMESTORENOVELS
Fish with long jaws GAR
Full extent GAMUT
Gentlemen SIRS
Get off the beaten path STRAY
Give a task to ASSIGN
Having wings ALAR
Ho Chi Minh's capital HANOI
Humbert Humbert's temptress LOLITA
Hydrangea, e.g SHRUB
Implant deeply ENROOT
In a rational, coherent way SANELY
Innovative and then some AHEADOFONESTIME
Irritate and then some TEEOFF
Clues Answers
It can raise a lot of dough YEAST
It might grow to be a mushroom SPORE
Kentucky Derby unit LENGTH
Kinda wet DAMP
Large Australian birds EMUS
Like a ballerina or gymnast LITHE
Like a cold-sufferer's voice NASAL
Like a flared-out dress ALINE
Like glazed-over eyes GLASSY
Make one's exit LEAVE
Military commission BREVET
Miscellany or collection OLIO
Mo. with 31 days OCT
More than merely in love GAGA
Mortar container HOD
Noted ski resort VAIL
Old Trevi Fountain coin LIRA
On the house FREE
One of the Fates CLOTHO
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Ought to SHOULD
Place for a race horse STALL
Prefix with "chute" or "trooper" PARA
Pro wrestling locale ARENA
Rock salt is one ORE
Shout at an obedience school HEEL
Small, fruity candy NERD
Society page word NEE
Splash about in a little water SLOSH
Strong smell ODOR
Stuffed down one's gullet ATE
Taxing mo. for many APR
They stand against ANTIS
Those that get on one's nerves PESTS
Tykes TOTS
Valley of vineyards NAPA
Was at one time, but ___ now ISNT
Weeper's need TISSUE
Word with "frog" or "year" LEAP