The Telegraph - Toughie - Jan 10 2017

Clues Answers
A fall in sea level is something insignificant (1,4,2,3,5) ADROPINTHEOCEAN
A script collecting National Theatre award for Little and Large perhaps ANTONYMS
Alien attacking popular Star Wars character INVADER
Blood factor needed in unit reviving patients around hospital RHESUS
Casual worker engaged by attorney for trial ATTEMPT
Change keyboard arrangement of rock group with a piano REMAP
Complete pain housing old soldier getting fit DOVETAIL
Decide to put off working DETERMINE
Eminence of home crew HEIGHT
Enemy sympathisers press folk after interval FIFTHCOLUMNISTS
Excitement following constantly FEVER
Female Left supports previous Labour leader in newspaper setting standard for his party REDFLAG
Hardy, to a greater extent, having rule over Keaton? ROBUSTER
Harmful jingle? ADVERSE
Clues Answers
In reality show amateur is put in a spot leaving first (2,1,6,2,4) ASAMATTEROFFACT
It's wrong to keep people suffering TORMENT
Locks controller out in the rain HAIRNET
Mountainous place with odd Scots ANDORRA
One in love at dances having preserved honour INVIOLATE
Prosecute red teacher at Harvard? DOCENT
Rare scandalous doings THINGAMY
Reminder it's grand going in with nothing on NUDGE
Report of Blair encouraging his wife's clumsiness GAUCHERIE
Scrap over military display TATTOO
Snakes haul back source of poison TOADSTOOL
Stumble upon oil working in Middle Eastern city TRIPOLI
What makes some Christians ecstatic -- throwing out of brief bar on cycling Torontoblessing
What's upset Welshman? An immature flighty thing NAIAD