Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 11 2017

Clues Answers
Breakdown of Asians travelling around central Ireland with foreign currency ANALYSIS
Cameron isn't part of documentary out of loyalty DUTY
Condition of Moor going around lost HEALTH
Directs a threat against leaders in the information centre DATA
Doing things at the sides for the boxers DOGS
Elephant associated with alien picked up in news story BULLETIN
Greenish-blue single spirit secured in tank AQUARIUM
Handy personal cover is something to put away for a rainy day UMBRELLA
It pays everyone here to exercise in and around where we live in community EUROPE
It's about a family member who is gifted and fair REASONABLE
Kent and Casement, for example, provided means of transport for the police RAILWAYSTATIONS
Louvre sent out for people offering to help VOLUNTEERS
Most valuable edges of plant MOLE
No wrens in crows' nests in those types of overheads COSTS
Clues Answers
Not disapproving of most of the praise in Government ADMIRING
One of the vineyards in Spain and Portugal, for example ESTATE
Opens the early session first, finishing with series of questions to be answered TEST
Putting straight the local paper is popular with the Centre Right ORGANISING
Race bookmaker is capable of handling all types from a particular carriage TYPEWRITER
Ram lost and found on the beach SHOVEL
Revolutionary Cloud gets some capital from drug dealers CHEMISTS
Sarah's devious with Harry HARASS
Sea lunch cooked in The Marine for the boatmen LAUNCHES
Strange things seen during periods of darkness NIGHTS
The only hint I'll give you is you're looking at it CLUE
They follow day-to-day events personally to reflect police search for academic awards DIARISTS
Turn over a new leaf embedded in legionnaire formation REFORM
Violently took horse with energy out of wet ground MUGGED