The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,089 - Jan 9 2017

Clues Answers
A Greek character's always a success story ACHIEVER
Almost exact summary PRECIS
Amazing deal Ben facilitated ENABLED
Arranged recital, including new instrument CLARINET
Belt worn by a Persian governor SATRAP
Can the German produce touchwood? TINDER
Child eats a bit of sausage in grill TOAST
Contract put away during evaluation TREATY
Cry of joy when husband meets great girl! HOSANNA
Eastern time in bronze capital TEHRAN
Flirting gets Penny a relationship DALLIANCE
Fondness for swan song PENCHANT
Guide woman in old city USHER
Harden attitudes init­ially in the mind, like a prima donna TEMPERAMENTALLY
Clues Answers
Hung around and served WAITED
One place keeps royal member out, as a rule PRINCIPLE
One sort of maths leaves one gasping ASTHMA
Pass former partner on Greek island EXCRETE
Potter has a rest in game BRIDGE
Repudiate religious education booklet RETRACT
Research leader in survey is resolute STURDY
See raft badly in mist SEAFRET
Seeing that's about true SINCERE
The Parisian contests taxes LEVIES
Trace oriental allowed to keep chess pieces ELEMENT
Unable to manage, he spells badly HELPLESS
Vindication of French barrier DEFENCE
Where the winner can be found from the beginning INTHEFIRSTPLACE