The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26614 - January 5, 2017

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Clues Answers
A bloke's baptism? Matter which superficially lowers tension WETTINGAGENT
A doctor aunt upset going round pound walking AMBULANT
Answer receiving mistaken sign throughout ACROSS
Complete clues fall in a tumble FULLSCALE
Don't interfere in service being repeated without help LETALONE
Exactly what's needed for travelling unladen? JUSTTHETICKET
Exclude implied but unstated backtracking in plot RUSTICATE
Exposed runner, one gambling maybe on getting in? STREAKER
Fancy that recruit? A majestic companion CORGI
Gent's heart, after annual Test excitement, is in a bad way MOTHEATEN
Helpful stuff in magazine about cold officer becoming old-fashioned ACCOMMODATING
Join customer getting boxes MERGE
Just about to answer, then clash AJAR
Love George, say, picking up small bottle SWEETHEART
Clues Answers
Mini cooler holding British beer pot TOBYJUG
Nippers in peril playing close to roads PLIERS
Old woven silk, cool material to keep you dry OILSKIN
Papa freshly presented with medals gives you a lump in your throat ADAMSAPPLE
Produce stick BEAR
Pursue higher degree in teaching DOGMA
Question closely what closes off fire? This could GRILLE
Record of peer touring round this country? LOGBOOK
Sculpture, say, providing cool craft ARTIFICE
Sheer genius absorbing new declaration UTTERANCE
Some possibly inside lorry briefly moving into building CONSTRUCTION
Train, in America, regular soccer team? ELEVEN
With savoir-faire I must meet the French being touchy-feely TACTILE
Zoom up around fifty — it's to do with the sun SOLAR