Wall Street Journal - Jan 7 2017 - Silent Treatment

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Clues Answers
'East of Eden' twin ARON
'Fernando' band ABBA
'Frozen' princess ELSA
'Frozen' princess ANNA
'My turn!' IMUP
'Non, je ne regrette rien' singer PIAF
'Semper Fidelis' composer SOUSA
'The Da Vinci Code' monk SILAS
'The Simpsons' bus driver OTTO
'Were you successful?' ANYLUCK
'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?' songwriter SEEGER
'You crack me up!' HAHA
1 through 18, on a golf scorecard? WHOLENUMBERS
19th-century political cartoonist NAST
Acapulco uncle TIO
As well TOBOOT
Beavers from New England? DAMNYANKEES
Belief in a strong central government ETATISM
Bit of news ITEM
Book flap feature BIO
Bounder CAD
Brief escape? LITTLELAMB
Brit's bumbershoot BROLLY
Browser's target URL
Bus. bigwig CEO
Canceled order? CHAOS
Cars with cords TESLAS
Channel branded with a yellow rectangle NATGEO
Checks for quarters RENTS
Checks out OGLES
Clapton classic LAYLA
Clear sky, to poets ETHER
Coal tar distillate XYLENE
Cobbler's material? APPLE
Collar NAB
Concluding bit TAILEND
Corvine calls CAWS
Crunch's rank CAPN
Cry of frustration AARGH
Custody battle participants EXES
David, famously STATUE
Deal breaker? NARC
Djokovic, e.g SERB
Docket listing CASES
Downward dog, e.g ASANA
Early gramophone star CARUSO
Earthy color OCHER
Elroy's pet ASTRO
Email alternative FAX
Enjoy Sundance SKI
Estonian's neighbor LETT
Exceptional individual RAREBIRD
Extracted deposit ORE
Fearless efforts HEROICS
Finally ATLAST
Fish with winglike fins RAY
Foot bones TARSI
Former Reds owner Marge SCHOTT
Fort Collins sch CSU
Founder's successor, perhaps SON
Free of friends ALONE
Garden fixture GNOME
Gathering places of yore AGORAS
Go out with a bang? SLAM
Gold: Prefix AUR
Handel creation SONATA
Hankering ITCH
Hits the roof HASACOW
Honeybunch SUGAR
Clues Answers
I may stand for it ONE
It takes turns DIAL
Jamaican tangelos UGLIS
John's running mate in 2008 SARAH
Kyoto's Golden Pavilion, say? GUILTCOMPLEX
Like a sprinkler system, often ONATIMER
Like some Coast Guard rescues AIRSEA
Lustrous SLEEK
Mailed some sweetbreads? SCENTGLANDS
Make faces MUG
Man at home in D.C.? GNATCATCHER
Map out PLAN
Mary Magdalene, to Jesus ANOINTER
Massage targets ACHES
Misfortunes ILLS
Monkey around the lab RHESUS
Motherland OLDSOD
Music's Brian ENO
Nascar car coverers LOGOS
Note providers ATMS
Out of debt AFLOAT
Passing notes? OBITS
Philosopher with a razor OCCAM
Pianist Hess MYRA
Place for a raw deal? SUSHIBAR
Popular BBC show TOPGEAR
Priceline pitchman SHATNER
Private digressions ASIDES
Propagating wave RIPPLE
Psychologist Abraham MASLOW
Psychologist Alfred ADLER
Put on cloud nine ELATE
Reaction to liver, for some UGH
Result of a new moon? DARKKNIGHT
Ring legend ALI
Rips into ASSAILS
Roberts's 'Pretty Woman' co-star GERE
Room, to Ricardo SALA
Running back Bradshaw AHMAD
Scraping (out) EKING
Second of a double-header LATEGAME
Show audacity DARE
Slips of paper? ERRATA
Somali model who was Bowie's wife IMAN
Spiral-horned antelope NYALA
Splits RENDS
Subject to remedying, as a nuisance ABATABLE
They may be tapped out ALES
They're worn on the chest NAMETAGS
Touch ABUT
Train to the Tuileries METRO
Tricksy CRAFTY
Trough's opposite CREST
Unmannered fellow BOOR
Unpleasant odors STENCHES
Unspeakable TABOO
Warden's worry RIOT
Watched some Persians, say CATSAT
Westwood sch UCLA
What we nearsighted folks need when watching movies? HOURGLASSES
Windsor, e.g NECKTIE
With reason SANELY
World Court home, with 'The' HAGUE
Ziggy Stardust's genre GLAM
___ Boy (gin drink) ATTA
___ grudge (was resentful) BOREA