Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 27 2016

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Clues Answers
'Baseball Tonight' channel ESPN
'Hammerin' Hank' AARON
'The Bells' author POE
'You've got mail' co AOL
Aye undoer NAY
Back talk SASS
Blackbird ANI
Boxing arbiters REFS
British 'Inc.' LTD
Busy insect ANT
Caboose REAR
Candy-heart word LUV
Comic Romano RAY
Compete VIE
Crazy LOCO
Crme crme DELA
Crooned SANG
Curator's concern ART
Eco-friendly Seuss character LORAX
First-rate AONE
Flintstones' pet DINO
gin fizz SLOE
Green sauce PESTO
Greet the villain HISS
Guitar master Paul LES
Gusto ZEAL
Help AID
Hidden danger PITFALL
Highland hillside BRAE
Hog haven STY
Italian wine CHIANTI
Joplin tune RAG
Clues Answers
Junior SON
Kenny G's instrument SAX
Kimono sash OBI
Lair DEN
Lawman Wyatt EARP
Lay down the lawn SOD
Like diet soda SUGARFREE
Locus SITE
Luau bowlful POI
Memory method ROTE
Modern taxi rival UBER
Mover's rental UHAUL
Mr. Stravinsky IGOR
New Deal pres FDR
Noah's craft ARK
Policy expert WONK
Roundish do AFRO
Rowing need OAR
Shortly ANON
Sticky stuff GOO
Sub shop DELI
Taking offense HUFFY
Taunting laugh HAH
Thick chunk SLAB
Totally safe RISKFREE
Trojans' sch USC
Unpunished SCOTFREE
Uses a blowtorch WELDS
Vicinity AREA
Wager BET
Wood-shaping tool ADZ
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
Yard fraction FOOT
Young horse FOAL