The Washington Post - Dec 19 2016

Clues Answers
'Blessed ___ ...' (Joan Baez album) ARE
'Chicago' actor Richard GERE
'Don't worry, no problem' ITSOK
'Here's your bacon, straight from the fryer'? TAKEITGREASY
'You'll have to ask someone else' ICANT
'___ the Man' (2006 film) SHES
Air gun ammo BBS
Air traffic controller's spot TOWER
Before now AGO
Belief IDEA
Big name in the kitchen or laundry room AMANA
Bring to bear, as power EXERT
Broke ground, in a way HOED
Buddies PALS
Bygone ruler of Iran SHAH
Capital replaced by Brasilia, familiarly RIO
Clown around JOKE
Comes down hard, maybe RAINS
Comic actress Martha RAYE
Craft that weathered the storm ARK
Dangler on a hook WORM
Deal with tough times COPE
Eats HAS
Frosty coating RIME
Greeted the day AWOKE
Guffawed ROARED
High-ranking Brits EARLS
Huge bird of lore ROC
Israel's parliament KNESSET
Learn in passing HEAR
Life stories, briefly BIOS
Like Montmartre ARTY
Long John Silver, for one PIRATE
Luau instruments UKES
Many early PCs IBMS
Noted spinach devotee POPEYE
O'Brien on late-night TV CONAN
Clues Answers
Oft-quoted Yankee legend YOGIBERRA
One going for the gold? MINER
Pageantry POMP
Performing ONSTAGE
Removes all doubt Makessure
Result of a sale on beer? SIXPACKGRABS
Rhino's weapon HORN
Rocket trajectories ARCS
Roddick swinging a racket ANDY
Rope-making fiber HEMP
Rte. displayer GPS
Saint Laurent of fashion YVES
Sample TRY
Something to sniff out ODOR
Sound from a beleaguered winter shoveler? SNOWYGROWL
Stares in amazement GAPES
Start of a Clement Moore Christmas classic TWAS
Station wagon cousin, for short SUV
Sugary topper ICING
Tex-Mex menu pick TACO
They hold volumes BOOKCASES
Treasured 1700s violin, familiarly STRAD
Tribe once found around the Great Lakes ERIE
Truck scale unit TON
Twice-a-day school lineup BUSES
U.K. clock standard GMT
Unappetizing bit of fruit? HAIRYGRAPE
Unlikely Mr. America GEEK
Von Sydow with an Emmy nomination for 'Game of Thrones' MAX
Wedding tribute TOAST
Whimper MEWL
Wind surge GUST
Wine glass feature STEM
Woeful SAD
Word with England or Mexico NEW
Wordsmith Webster NOAH
Written with a keyboard TYPED
Zenith ACME
___ Ridge National Laboratory OAK