New York Times - Dec 19 2016

Clues Answers
'In that case ...' IFSO
'Look at Me, I'm Sandra ___' DEE
'Of ___ and Men' MICE
'Yeah, why not!' OKAY
'Yeah, why not!' SURE
April fool player TRICKSTER
Astronaut's tankful OXYGEN
At one's ___ convenience EARLIEST
Barbie or Ken DOLL
Big school dance PROM
Boston footballer, for short PAT
Boston ___ Party TEA
Boxer known as 'The Greatest' ALI
Bread box, for short? ATM
Cheerleader's cry RAH
Cousin ___ (Addams Family member) ITT
Environmentalist's prefix ECO
Everyone working in an office STAFF
Exact copy FACSIMILE
Explorer and Escalade, in brief SUVS
Flat-bottomed boat BARGE
Fleming who created James Bond IAN
Fury IRE
Gift tag word FOR
Gun rights org NRA
Highest roll of a die SIX
Horrific AWFUL
Intl. group that's the object of many mass protests WTO
Javelin SPEAR
Joe of 'GoodFellas' PESCI
Legal wrongs TORTS
Les ___-Unis ETATS
Like the population of Wyoming SPARSE
Like the settlers of Iceland NORSE
Little puzzle TEASER
Magnetite and bauxite ORES
Main artery AORTA
Clues Answers
Match, as a bet SEE
Max's opposite MIN
Mincemeat ___ (Christmas staple) PIE
Monastery leader ABBOT
Moves like water around a drain SWIRLS
Neologism for an on-screen/off-screen relationship SHOWMANCE
Not more than MERE
Nutmeg, for one SPICE
One of a series at a wedding reception TOAST
One of Benjamin Franklin's certainties TAXES
Opposite of black-and-white COLOR
Overly TOO
Past or present TENSE
Peruse READ
Pixar robot WALLE
R.N.'s special touch TLC
Resident of Muscat OMANI
Right jolly ___ elf (Santa) OLD
River through Paris SEINE
S.E.C. school near Atlanta, for short UGA
Santa player in 'Elf' EDASNER
Santa player in 'Miracle on 34th Street' EDMUNDGWENN
Santa player in 'The Man in the Santa Claus Suit' FREDASTAIRE
Santa player in 'The Polar Express' TOMHANKS
Santa player in 'The Santa Clause' TIMALLEN
Sheep sound BLEAT
Show on which John Candy and Eugene Levy got their starts SCTV
Sitting spot for a child visiting Santa KNEE
Some of them are proper NOUNS
Some windshields have them TINTS
Something sent to Santa LETTER
Taste or touch SENSE
Temporary break HIATUS
Terry Gross's NPR program FRESHAIR
The year 2001 MMI
West who said 'I used to be Snow White, but I drifted' MAE
Winter hrs. in New York EST
Zinger response OHSNAP
___ Tin Tin RIN