The Telegraph - Toughie - Dec 16 2016

Clues Answers
'Umble character in royal custody KEEPING
Casually loved to try to spread out HEARTED
Colours are visible on such odd pieces from Klimt KIT
Compulsion to benefit finance minister FORCE
Contemplative school supporter's left unashamed ZEN
Everything ordered had highest price with regular 25 per cent reductions COSMOS
Flying creature Mariner's ending in a death? ALBATROSS
Fortune's said to offer a little bright intensity LUX
I had contacts possibly slightly delaying first son's unemployment IDLENESS
I have difficulty retaining man as ice melts AMNESIAC
Marching as a column, stopped by soldier maybe at an early stage INFANTILE
More crude power mounting before hostilities PREWAR
Much wine that's often served with apple in it? HOGSHEAD
Nick neck COLLAR
Notice bears speak with incoherent outbursts SPUTTERY
Numbers bananas over other fruit DAMSON
Clues Answers
Old lady stabbed by black, venomous crawler MAMBA
One should show pace on a dash SPEEDO
Outcry's good for top model's allure? GLAMOUR
Party snack that could be pathological, not something eaten at Yule? CHIPOLATA
Quiet denial following irrational answer PIANO
Redevelopment of Epping's tip PIGPEN
Second of clues still not finished for solution that comes out in the wash? LYE
See airline headed back for course-finding apparatus SATNAV
Something to replace tie that's cut, embracing a new travelling group CARAVAN
Split some fees saver coughs up CREVASSE
Swimmer suffering after losing heart to capricious individual ANGELFISH
Tempers of court assistants with briefs initially dismissed twice ALLOYS
Uncontrolled, this's to flop about FISHTAIL
Undesirable introduction of person with outward sneaky look LEPER
We're connected, taking part in cruises? ONLINERS
Wry suck on a lemon at first is revealing UNCLOAKS