The Washington Post - Dec 16 2016

Clues Answers
'I ___ Teenage Werewolf' WASA
Amazon, for one ONLINESTORE
Anatomy class teaching aid SKELETON
Bakery fixtures OVENS
Be ready for AWAIT
Become more complicated, as a mystery DEEPEN
Beer chaser? SOT
Before of yore ERE
Burrowing member of the squirrel family PRAIRIEDOG
Bygone Turkish dignitary AGA
Church dignitary ELDER
City west of Madras BANGALORE
Clams and crabs SHELLFISH
Clean air org EPA
Common lotion ingredient ALOE
Completely cover ENCASE
Concerning ASTO
Corn Belt denizen IOWAN
Cry to Cratchit BAH
Cut with a sickle REAP
Dastardly EVIL
Decimal base TEN
Decimal point DOT
Diminish slowly WANE
Discount word LESS
Feudal superior LIEGE
First name in fragrance ESTEE
Fist pumper's cry YEAH
Flamenco cry OLE
Fleming superspy BOND
Florist's vessel VASE
Freshman's grade NINTH
Get too personal PRY
Go here and there ROVE
Golfer's shirt POLO
Hide-hair connector NOR
Hideaway hidden inside 17-, 29-, 47-, and 63-Across NEST
In the past AGO
Clues Answers
Liberal pursuits? ARTS
Like many horror movies GORY
Like some division LONG
Live and breathe ARE
Mai ___ (tropical drink) TAI
Many bucks? DEER
Maze objective END
Nonrenters, perhaps HOMEOWNERS
Not concealed OVERT
Noted tart stealer KNAVE
Numbered hwys RTES
Orchestral reed OBOE
Org. for a Big Apple cop NYPD
Passion FERVOR
PBS science series NOVA
Piles on the floor RUGS
Point at a church? SPIRE
Priests from the East LAMAS
Response from the henpecked NAGNAG
Rudely jabs ELBOWS
Shoe named for an antelope REEBOK
Short distance STONESTHROW
Silently agree to NODAT
Sister of Meg, Jo, and Amy BETH
Solution for dry eyes SALINE
Sticky stuff GOOP
Swiss high points ALPS
Things of passing interest in Washington? BILLS
Triumphant cry IWON
Unmanned aerial attack DRONESTRIKE
Warring factions in an H.G. Wells classic WORLDS
Wavered back and forth SEESAWED
Way back when ONCE
Wish undone RUE
Word from Beaver Cleaver GEE
___ Moines River DES
___ quam videri (North Carolina state motto) ESSE