- Dec 14 2016

Clues Answers
''Iliad'' locale TROY
''__ fair in love . . .'' ALLS
Aspirations HOPES
Author Sheehy GAIL
Aware of ONTO
Besides ALSO
Bonnet or beret HAT
Brainstorm IDEA
Brit's exclamation ISAY
Browned bread TOAST
Casino numbers game KENO
Cereal grain OAT
Chair or bench SEAT
Coarse in one's talking EARTHY
Command to Rover SIT
Cooled down with cubes ICED
Dental exam image XRAY
Detest HATE
Evergreen tree FIR
Female voice range ALTO
Find a purpose for USE
First Greek letter ALPHA
Forgoes food FASTS
Frugality THRIFT
Genie's offering WISH
Geological fracture FAULT
Get underway START
Half of the checkers REDS
Has lunch EATS
Help out AID
Hem and __ HAW
Hoops great Shaq ONEAL
Hotshot pilot ACE
Imperfection FLAW
Inactive IDLE
Informal agreement UHHUH
Informal agreement YEP
Internet cafe connection WIFI
Is able to CAN
Is overly fond DOTES
Clues Answers
Knightly title SIR
Learn about HEAR
Line on a list ITEM
Meet head-on FACE
More reasonable SANER
Motorist's reversal UTURN
Mountain peak CREST
Move to and __ FRO
Neighborhoods AREAS
Not at all taut SLACK
Optimistic ROSY
Part of TGIF ITS
Per annum YEARLY
Personality structure PSYCHE
Pierre, in Spain PEDRO
Pink-center entrée MEDIUMRARESTEAK
Poehler of TV AMY
Pores over READS
Potato state IDAHO
Precious stones GEMS
Real-estate listings HOMES
River bottoms BEDS
Secret meeting TRYST
See eye to eye AGREE
Sheep sound BAA
Shredded cabbage SLAW
Small batteries AAS
Small bill ONE
Sound of shock GASP
Spiked wheel on a boot SPUR
Steal from ROB
Sunbathes BASKS
Top newscaster ANCHOR
Tricycle riders TYKES
Unruly bunch MOB
Upper income range, per Form 1040 HIGHTAXBRACKET
Use a pogo stick HOP
Walk through puddles SLOSH
Weight-loss plan LOWCALORIEDIET