Ink Well xwords - Aug 29 2008

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Clues Answers
'August: Osage County' finale ACTIII
'Entourage' character played by Jeremy Piven ARI
'I do,' e.g. VOW
'The Jungle Book' python KAA
'___! Pass it on ... ' PSST
1977 Steely Dan title track AJA
2005 Rookie-of-the-Year power forward Emeka OKAFOR
AAA and BBB, e.g. ORGS
Airer of 32-Across CBS
Animal group suffix ZOA
Back talk LIP
Bathtime noise SLOSH
Blanc or Saint-Michel MONT
Bottoms out? MOONS
Brown bagger? WINO
Burial vessel URN
Canadian one-hit wonder with 'Informer' SNOW
Certain arena filler NBASTAR
Charged air? IONSKY
Clever person WIT
CNN correspondent Octavia NASR
Common internet message board phenomena TYPOS
Company with a spokesduck AFLAC
Controversial 2000 debate sounds from Al Gore SIGHS
Deli sandwiches with purity measurements? KARATBLTS
Destitute POOR
Dwindling restaurant/hotel franchise HOJO
Escape passages, possibly GANGWAYS
Fake flame maker GASLOG
Firebird feature TTOP
Four Holy Roman emperors OTTOS
Has dinner SUPS
Hindu doctrine with secret sexual rituals TANTRA
In a blue state? SAD
In like ___ FLYNN
Includes indirectly, in a way CCS
Int'l aid gps. NGOS
Is a skinflint SKIMPS
Latin 101 verb AMO
Lecherous man-goat hybrids SATYRS
Clues Answers
Like tempura CRISP
Longtime New Yorker cartoonist Roz CHAST
Look of one who's just seen a ghost PALLOR
Lusty sound file? SINWAV
Month after avril MAI
Moo ___ pork SHU
Nation on its own gulf OMAN
Ninja, e.g. ASSASSIN
No-frills bed COT
Not fooled by ONTO
NYSE debut IPO
Objects of Homer's desire DONUTS
Ohio birthplace of Toni Morrison LORAIN
Peak in Greek mythology MTIDA
Pitch in AID
Place that it wouldn't kill you to go one of these Fridays, or maybe you think you're too important for G-d now? SHUL
Pool glance CAROM
Potato sack race, essentially? HOPAGAINSTHOP
Pro ___ (one way to divide things) RATA
Pursuits AIMS
QB-turned-sportscaster Troy AIKMAN
Raisers MOMS
Schwarzenegger's birthplace: abbr. AUS
Second word of many a fairy tale UPON
Semi RIG
Sensitive tsetse? TOUCHYFLY
She may never turn pro CON
Show with regional spinoffs CSI
Small syringe, for short HYPO
Something to put cream on ZIT
Spin alternative URB
The Hague, to residents STAD
Tomei of 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' MARISA
Vegetative roof covering THATCH
Victim of a 1965 'phantom punch' LISTON
Where 'three men' are, in a rhyme INATUB
___ the finish INAT