USA Today - Dec 13 2016

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Clues Answers
"Here ___ nothing!" GOES
"No talking!" SHH
"Six-pack" muscles ABS
"Wicked Game" singer Chris ISAAK
Amazon transaction, e.g ESALE
Auto sound system AMFMSTEREO
Barbecue servings RIBS
Bard's "before" ERE
Barn bundle BALE
Bird-attracting backyard setup FEEDINGSTATION
Birdie beater EAGLE
Bond movie with a theme song by Adele SKYFALL
Brewery grain MALT
Bureaucratic rigmarole REDTAPE
Business school subj ECON
Car washer's challenge TAR
Carnation location LAPEL
Cause of many a sick day FLU
Courtroom transcript pro STENO
Dance and drama, for two ARTS
Decorator's asset TASTE
Device with a touchscreen panel TABLETCOMPUTER
Do as directed OBEY
Drivetrain component AXLE
Even steven TIED
Fail to recycle, say WASTE
Former American cab company CHECKERTAXI
Fortuneteller's deck TAROT
French fashion monthly ELLE
Good buddy PAL
Hatfields, to McCoys FOES
Have a chat with TALKTO
High-tech wrist gadget APPLEWATCH
Highway exits RAMPS
Home to most humans ASIA
Homer, to Bart DAD
Ingredient in some hand soaps ALOE
Letters of debt IOU
Clues Answers
Like raisins and prunes DRIED
Med. plan options HMOS
Moth-___ (worn out) EATEN
Nasty weather SLEET
Nativity scene threesome MAGI
Pasture groups HERDS
PC bailout key ESC
Pillbox or porkpie HAT
Provide an alibi for, e.g ABET
Railroad track in an industrial park, e.g SPUR
Ran like mad TORE
Reason for the sniffles COLD
Reddish-brown shade RUST
Sculling gear OARS
Shaggy-haired bovine YAK
Shopaholic, often BUYER
Shows concern CARES
Sleeping soundly OUT
Splits in two BISECTS
Stopwatch or hourglass TIMER
Storied Wild West outlaw BILLYTHEKID
Subtle bit of help HINT
Table extension LEAF
Takes advantage of USES
The Falcons, on scoreboards ATL
Took a load off SAT
Took the wheel STEERED
Touched down ALIT
Tourist's aid MAP
Transcript entry GRADE
TV athletic award ESPY
Up to the task ABLE
Upper hand EDGE
Urgent prompting BEHEST
Utter confusion CHAOS
Wallach of "Mystic River" ELI
Yoga class accessory MAT
___ de Cologne EAU
___ one's time (wait patiently) BIDE