Wall Street Journal - Dec 15 2016 - Metal Detector

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Clues Answers
'Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind' composer ARNE
'Heavens!' OHMY
'Holy Sonnets' poet DONNE
26, for 66-Across: Abbr ATNO
About ASTO
Almost at hand NEAR
Angle symbol PHI
Beach-going Burmese? FELINEINTHESAND
Beehives, e.g COIFS
Bewilderment gripping the Pentagon? DEFENSEFOG
Big palookas OAFS
Birthstone for some Libras OPAL
Boasts HAS
Bobolink's kin ORIOLE
Body of art? TORSO
Bridle attachment BIT
Cal. spans YRS
Caterer's collection URNS
Circular words ONSALE
City east of the Great Salt Lake OGDEN
Clumps WADS
Comprehend SEE
Concede ALLOW
Cookies with a five-pointed shape? STARWAFERS
Crosses ROODS
Culminations APEXES
Daniel Inouye's final word ALOHA
Educational institution since 1440 ETON
Facilitated EASED
Fall flat BOMB
Fashion TREND
Fashion MODE
Finn's transport RAFT
Food many compare to wallpaper paste POI
Free up, in a way ERASE
George opposed by Washington III
Hoping for a hit ATBAT
Hosni's predecessor ANWAR
Clues Answers
Inclusive pronoun HESHE
Influence PULL
Knights more in need of hearing aids? DEAFERSIRS
Low-value coin SOU
Maples planted in honor of military musicians? FIFERTREES
Meridian setting IDAHO
Metal detected in this puzzle's theme answers IRON
Milky Way source MARS
Mister from Mannheim HERR
More than tear up BAWL
Move apace HIE
Not ___ many words INSO
Notes for the nostalgic OLDIE
Observation about a dairy farm, to anyone with eyes? HEIFERSAPPARENT
One way to turn the helm ALEE
Outgoing Senate minority leader REID
Peg in a round TEE
Perennial candidate Harold STASSEN
Permission to join ENTREE
Present place? BOX
Put away ATE
Put one's foot down STAMP
Quake product DEBRIS
Ruler of une monarchie ROI
School lockdown alert CODERED
Security problem MOLE
Skate park sight RAMP
Sticks figure RUBE
Tauromachian shouts OLES
Time-wasting fuss ADO
Turbulence caused by conflicting currents TIDERIP
Twin of 14-Across in 'Lord of the Flies' SAM
Twin of 9-Across in 'Lord of the Flies' ERIC
Waterloo setting IOWA
William and Harry's aunt ANNE
Wrong answer to a sentry FOE