- Dec 11 2016

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Clues Answers
''Grapes of Wrath'' character OKIE
''No seats'' sign SRO
''Peter Pan'' pirate SMEE
''__ she blows!'' THAR
2004 Olympics city ATHENS
Acid in vinegar ACETIC
Amounts risked BETS
Arch support SOLE
ATM maker NCR
Author Ellison RALPH
Ax or awl TOOL
Bake-sale offerings CAKES
Benefits SAKES
Big Apple's Arthur __ Stadium ASHE
Big name in harmonicas HOHNER
Braggart's overabundance EGO
Burger topper SLAW
Caddy beverages TEAS
Cellist from Spain CASALS
Cheese sold in cylinders EDAM
Clear wrap SARAN
Cola quantities LITERS
Committed to carrying out SETON
Construction girder IBEAM
Corp. boss CEO
Course for a horse OATS
Creative success HIT
Cupid alias EROS
Defrost THAW
Delhi dress SARI
Despot's word LAW
Distress call SOS
Dramatist Henley BETH
Entry point DOOR
Female in the family AUNT
Ferber novel SOBIG
Fictional Frome ETHAN
Fit well together GOHANDINHAND
Forced into sea service SHANGHAIED
From here __ (henceforth) ONIN
Ft. Myers clock setting EST
Geological time periods EONS
Get cracking START
Get fast cash for HOCK
Get ready, with ''up'' GEAR
Get-up-and-go PEP
Get-well program REHAB
Give a heads-up to WARN
Group of seven HEPTAD
Heavy burden ONUS
Hidden supply STASH
Hockey great Gordie HOWE
Honolulu-based detective CHARLIECHAN
Hornets' home NEST
Houston ballplayer ASTRO
In very short supply RARE
Irked state SNIT
Jazz ensemble COMBO
Jogging pace TROT
Junction points NODES
Largest living fish WHALESHARK
Launches a tirade RANTS
Lively spirit ELAN
Lyricist Sammy CAHN
Marinara alternative PESTO
Merit badge holder SASH
Middle-of-the-road MODERATE
Moby Dick pursuer AHAB
Mown strip SWATH
Mulls over PONDERS
Name on 62 Across' cover EDNA
Clues Answers
National League East team METS
Nescafé rival SANKA
NFL successes TDS
Noggin tops PATES
Not made up ACTUAL
October birthstone OPAL
Olympics dueler EPEEIST
Overfill SATE
Patriot of 1775 ALLEN
Patriot of 1776 NATHANHALE
Perfected HONED
Persian rulers SHAHS
Person from Belgrade SERB
Personnel official HIRER
Phrase indicating emulation ALA
Pipeline problem OILLEAK
Place for a brake job AUTOSHOP
Prefix for hero ANTI
Prefix meaning ''ancillary'' PARA
Press coverage INK
Prez on a five ABE
Prominent period ERA
Pub missile DART
Query re a UFO, perhaps WHATWASTHAT
Quimby of kid-lit RAMONA
Rabid fan ADORER
Random scribbling, for example NONART
Rap music HIPHOP
Raven's sound CAW
Reindeer cousins ELKS
Rickety auto CRATE
Rickman's ''Harry Potter'' role SNAPE
Road covers TARS
Roomy sleeve RAGLAN
Sauna supplies TOWELS
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Send out EMIT
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Shell game SCAM
Sight from Salzburg ALPS
Significant successes TRIUMPHS
Singer LaBelle PATTI
Six-legged indoor pest PHARAOHANT
Son in Genesis 4 CAIN
Sore spot ACHE
Space saving abbr ETAL
Space saving abbr ETC
Spectrum slice HUE
Suzuki of baseball ICHIRO
Sweetie HON
Symbols of sturdiness OAKS
Synagogue celebration ROSHHASHANAH
Take back, as testimony RECANT
Take potshots SNIPE
Talks big BOASTS
Tax write-off LOSS
Theme of the puzzle HAHA
This or that EITHER
TMC sister channel SHO
Tough-to-pass driver ROADHOG
Travel-clock battery, often AAA
Traveling circus, e.g TENTSHOW
Tried to attain SHOTAT
Turndowns NOES
UFO fliers ETS
Vast disarray CHAOS
Venue for a play STAGE
Very dry ARID
What Teslas run without GAS
Wonderland bird DODO
__ Malvinas (the Falklands) ISLAS