USA Today - Aug 27 2008

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Clues Answers
''Absolutely'' YES
1986 World Series ring wearer MET
Air freshener option PINE
Ancient Roman basketball player? PRAETORIANGUARD
Big-boom maker TNT
Btu part UNIT
Card up the sleeve ACE
Certain hosp. diagnostic tools MRIS
Concordes, e.g. SSTS
Consents silently NODS
Country in NW Africa MOROCCO
Cover charge, e.g. FEE
Cribbage piece PEG
Dawn of Roman civilization? AURORA
Eagerly studying INTO
Economic no. GNP
Foreign gold ORO
Formerly, old-style ERST
Freudian parts IDS
Hasenpfeffer and hot pot STEWS
Heavy weight TON
His clothes didn't exist EMPEROR
It tiered up at the wedding? CAKE
It's been framed! ART
It's taken out for a spin TOP
Jerry's tormentor TOM
Just one of those things? THAT
Ketch part MAST
Knitting hot spots CASTS
Land of shamrocks EIRE
Looking glass MIRROR
Maine college town ORONO
Maintained a good physique KEPTFIT
Make a ringlet CURL
Manuscript directive STET
Member of a very old kingdom ANIMAL
Not crooked, as a bar UNBENT
Not you, I or them NOONE
Omar of ''Higher Learning'' EPPS
Clues Answers
One of Taylor's husbands TODD
Place for an X MAP
Planted SOWN
Pleasantly plump ZAFTIG
Prefix for ''giving'' or ''taking'' MIS
Pronouncements DICTA
Put through pledging torture HAZE
Safe and sound UNHURT
Severe emotional shock TRAUMA
Ship's company CREW
Small jazz band COMBO
Small pastries TARTS
Starter for ''fast'' or ''sayer'' SOOTH
Store cremated remains INURN
Storied horse ARAB
Straight and tall ERECT
Subject of a Keats ode URN
Sum total AMOUNT
Take measures ACT
Take short breaths PANT
Taro dish POI
They may be hard to beat ODDS
They're used to fashion models KITS
Topical basketball big man? COMMUNITYCENTER
Type of jockey without a horse DISC
Union part LOCAL
Upright basketball player? STRAIGHTFORWARD
Used a brayer INKED
Very small quantities IOTAS
Welsh dogs CORGIS
Wheeling's river OHIO
Widest shoe sizes EEES
Words of contempt, perhaps HAHS
WWII torpedo vessel EBOAT