New York Times - Dec 6 2016

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Clues Answers
'Hold on a sec!' WAIT
'The Bells' poet POE
Addams Family member ITT
Admission of defeat ILOST
Alfalfa or buckwheat CROP
Alfred who was a follower of Freud ADLER
Always, in verse EER
Archie Bunker, notably BIGOT
Assemble in a makeshift way JURYRIG
Away from the office NOTIN
Beat the stuffing out of PUMMEL
Big pharma company PFIZER
Boxer Patterson FLOYD
Broadcasting sign ONAIR
Capitol Hill sort, for short POL
Car in a showroom DEMO
Car in a tow lot, perhaps REPO
Cartridge filler TONER
Criminal evidence, with 'the' GOODS
Dessert that jiggles JELLO
Diner on TV's 'Alice' MELS
Display of bad temper TANTRUM
Dorm monitors, for short RAS
Drive ahead IMPEL
End of a heated exchange, perhaps PARTINGSHOT
Endures LASTS
Exercise segment REP
Fashion look with long 6-Down and eye liner EMO
Fig. on an auto sticker MPG
Filmdom's Flynn ERROL
Final syllable of a word ULTIMA
Following the circled squares, the end to a seasonal song MEANDMYDRUM
Game show hire EMCEE
Goose liver spread PATE
H.I.V. drug AZT
Hair over the forehead BANGS
Heart, essentially PUMPER
Historically safe investment, informally TNOTE
Clues Answers
Hither's opposite YON
Home of Wright State University OHIO
In a piercing voice SHRILLY
Indian prince RAJAH
Invaders of ancient Rome GOTHS
It'll take you to another level STAIR
Keg contents ALE
Kingly REGAL
Like some boarding schools PREPPY
Make messy, as a blanket RUMPLE
Maple leaf, for Canada EMBLEM
MGM lion LEO
Milne's 'Mr. ___ Passes By' PIM
Mood-enhancing drug PROZAC
Morning hrs AMS
Mr. ___ of 'The Karate Kid' MIYAGI
New York City cultural venue, with 'the' MET
Not completely shut AJAR
Not, to a Scot NAE
Parts of a crab that grab CLAWS
Pedicurist's stick EMERY
Pedicurist's stone PUMICE
Playing marble AGATE
Pop singer ___ Del Rey LANA
Preowned USED
Rapid tempo PRESTO
Sales tax fig PCT
Softhearted GENTLE
Spring LEAP
Street of film fame ELM
Teen blemish ZIT
Things seen on many state license plates MOTTOS
Thurman of 'Kill Bill' UMA
Thus, to Gaius ERGO
What's your beef? REDMEAT
Witherspoon of 'Four Christmases' REESE
Wrap brand SARAN
Wrath IRE