- Dec 5 2016

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Clues Answers
''I don't know'' gesture SHRUG
''We gotta get going!'' CMON
2,000 pounds TON
Appear to be SEEM
Arrests, slangily NABS
Awaken rudely ROUST
Backyard swimming spot ABOVEGROUNDPOOL
Barely defeated EDGED
Bird's tree home NEST
Boot bottoms SOLES
Centers of apples CORES
Chop down with an ax HEW
Clipped wool from SHEARED
Clumsy person CLOD
Color of Santa's suit RED
Con game SCAM
Concludes ENDS
Corrosion of iron RUST
Court plaintiff SUER
Day before a holiday EVE
Des Moines' state IOWA
Donkey ASS
Drag from behind PULL
Dropped-egg sound SPLAT
Embarrass ABASH
Farmer's place of song DELL
Feature of engraved invitations RAISEDLETTERING
Feeling nervous TENSE
Goatee's location CHIN
Greek pocket bread PITA
Italian port NAPLES
Joggers' paces TROTS
Joke around with TEASE
Letter before tee ESS
Look without blinking STARE
Loud racket NOISE
Make eyes at OGLE
Make simpler EASE
Molecule part ATOM
Clues Answers
More adorable CUTER
Mythological figures GODS
National song ANTHEM
Newspaper essays, for short OPEDS
Not doing anything IDLE
Note from the boss MEMO
Null and __ (not valid) VOID
Off the leash LOOSE
Opera solos ARIAS
Pecan or cashew NUT
Poet's ''before'' ERE
Popular college guy, briefly BMOC
Portrait painter's surface CANVAS
Pretzel topping SALT
Pub beverage ALE
Rail-riding wanderer HOBO
Reach across SPAN
Region AREA
Remove from power OUST
Share a border with ABUT
Skin-soothing ingredient ALOE
Spins in circles REVOLVES
Sweltering weather Hightemperature
Take a bus or train RIDE
Talked back to SASSED
The one here THIS
Toothpaste holder TUBE
Uncle's spouse AUNT
Venetian-blind strip SLAT
Vote into office ELECT
Weight loss plan DIET
When planes are expected: Abbr ETAS
Where a driver takes a break RESTSTOP
Windowsill, for one LEDGE
Woodwind instruments OBOES
__ Canaveral, FL CAPE
__ mater (one's former school) ALMA