USA Today - Dec 4 2016

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Clues Answers
"Match Game" host Baldwin ALEC
"My turn to bat!" IMUP
"Sula" novelist Morrison TONI
"Tootsie" TOE
"___ the Tentmaker" OMAR
(see other side) OVER
Add to the payroll HIRE
American, to a Brit YANK
Angry cat's sound HISS
Baked good with multiple toppings EVERYTHINGBAGEL
Billiards accessory RACK
Blacken the surface of CHAR
Bone near the radius ULNA
Brand of lightweight vacuums ORECK
Bread slicer input LOAF
Chart shape PIE
Chinatown society TONG
Cpl. or Sgt NCO
Craft show relative ARTFAIR
Criminal charge, slangily RAP
Dadaist Jean ARP
Desk set item PEN
Dessert wine PORT
Do a laundry chore IRON
Drone's home HIVE
Drop that's shed TEAR
Eat ___ (be humiliated) CROW
Expels forcibly SPEWS
Expert in delivering goods and services MARKETINGMAVEN
Flood barrier LEVEE
Fort Knox unit INGOT
Getting gussied up PRIMPSNG
Give a boost to AID
Give the boot to EJECT
Got rid of stubble SHAVED
Grace ender AMEN
Headache for a data processing manager COMPUTERGLITCH
How some popcorn is popped INAIR
Clues Answers
Hunter's garb, briefly CAMO
In the midst of AMONG
In the style of ALA
Jarlsberg cheese features HOLES
John Irving title hero GARP
Lacking a mate ALONE
Language that gave us the last parts of 4-, 7- and 15-Down YSDDISH
Like spandex STRETCHY
Many a Poe work TALE
Mary Kay competitor AVON
Movie sleuth Charlie CHAN
Musician's asset EAR
On the ball ALERT
One-liner, say GAG
Payne who sang "Band of Gold" FREDA
Pearl Harbor Day mo DEC
Pews' place NAVE
Phantom of the Opera's name ERIK
Planet, to poets ORB
Pub regulars BARFLIES
Public to-do SCENE
Rod with two Grand Slam tennis wins LAVER
Royal of India (var.) RAJAH
Scallion kin LEEK
Sewer covers GRATES
Sound from a lush HIC
Stir up, as trouble FOMENT
Successors to lire and marks EUROS
Summoned, as the butler RANG
Trumpet mufflers MUTES
Two-thumbs-up review RAVE
Use DHL or FedEx SHIP
War crimes court TRIBUNAL
Was admitted GOTIN
Weigh station deduction TARE
Winter jacket lining FLEECE
Wound seriously MAIM
___ ware (Japanese porcelain) IMARI