USA Today - Dec 2 2016

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Clues Answers
"Atlas Shrugged" author RAND
"That heavenly coffee" CHOCKFULLONUTS
"Trick" joint KNEE
"Twilight" heroine Swan BELLA
"___ la Douce" IRMA
1958 Leslie Caron title role GIGI
Barber played by Depp TODD
Baseball card tidbit STAT
Baseball's Durocher LEO
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Bowling alley button RESET
Cereal in party mix CHEX
Choir member's wear ROBE
Circular gasket ORING
Cubicle item DESK
Deposed Iranian leader SHAH
Dorothy Gale's state KANSAS
Dreamcast company SEGA
Elite invitees ALIST
Fight off REPEL
Fit to serve ABLE
Gambler's loss, figuratively SHIRT
Gem for many Libras OPAL
Hard or soft bakery buy ROLL
Have the nerve DARE
Headed up RAN
Left Coast state, informally CALI
Like a neglected lawn WEEDY
Line to Tel Aviv ELAL
Listen in on, in a way TAP
Long-winded speech SCREED
Make leg warmers KNIT
Mark Twain, for one ALIAS
McCarthy's dummy pal SNERD
Mongol leaders KHANS
Mortar mate PESTLE
Mr., in India SRI
Clues Answers
Mutton source EWE
Negotiators' weapons BARGAININGCHIPS
Niagara Falls phenomenon MIST
North Pole explorer Robert PEARY
Number of one-syllable U.S. state names ONE
Oliver Twist's request MORE
On the fritz KAPUT
Packing a piece ARMED
Pickler's herb DILL
Plow-pulling pair OXEN
Program listing, for short SKED
Puck target NET
Puggles and cockapoos MIXEDBREEDDOGS
Quicklime or rust, chemically OXIDE
Rain delay rollout TARP
Rapper's entourage POSSE
Reacts to yeast RISES
Reproduces like sardines SPAWNS
Rich bakery buy TORTE
Rock band featuring knickers-clad Angus Young ACDC
Sacked out INBED
Shakespearean stage direction EXEUNT
Shoe that clops SABOT
Shows derision SCOFFS
Showtime crime series, 2006-13 DEXTER
Sign of sorrow TEAR
Sitter's headache BRAT
Sour ball flavor LEMON
Stairwell sign EXIT
Subway buy HERO
Texas headquarters of Frito-Lay PLANO
Tongue or tail motion WAG
Toward the stern AFT
Trifecta or superfecta BET
Worker or drone BEE
Works of Sappho ODES
___ Doone cookies LORNA
___ nibs (self-important sort) HIS