- Nov 24 2016

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Clues Answers
''Familia'' member TIO
''Ghost Hunters'' airer SYFY
''Gypsy'' composer STYNE
''Leading with My Chin'' autobiographer LENO
''That's not very nice!'' HEY
. . . in Madrid MUCHASGRACIAS
. . . in Marseilles MERCIBEAUCOUP
. . . in Milwaukee THANKSALOT
. . . in Munich DANKESCHON
2008 bailout beneficiary AIG
All finished OVER
Animated film F/X CGI
Barely managing, with ''out'' EKING
Big galoot BOZO
Big name in westerns ZANE
Biting insect GNAT
Brown and simmer BRAISE
Buy and sell MARKET
Caviar source BELUGA
Cohort ALLY
College athletics channel ESPNU
Consult with SEE
Coral isle CAY
Culmination ACME
Current choices ACDC
Dept. of Labor division OSHA
Directing family surname COEN
Disney subsidiary ABC
Erie Canal city UTICA
Family nickname SIS
Father figures PAPAS
Fertile Crescent land SYRIA
Fitzgerald hero GATSBY
Fivers ABES
Former PayPal owner EBAY
Funny ones WAGS
Golden Spike locale UTAH
Grown-up silkworm MOTH
Clues Answers
In a lather MAD
It may follow yoo HOO
Jupiter, to Saturn SON
Knock it off CEASE
Little one INFANT
Malaprop's title MRS
Malarkey TRIPE
Merest amount IOTA
Old toy-train maker TYCO
Overabundant AMPLE
Penalty COST
Positions JOBS
Predatory seabird JAEGER
Pro vote YEA
Ready to serve DONE
Regular haunt HANGOUT
Request ASKFOR
Shade close to turquoise TEAL
Sheet music symbol CLEF
Shoreline feature INLET
Sky holder of myth ATLAS
Spice from nutmeg MACE
Spongy ball brand NERF
Stay-at-home dad MRMOM
Steve Carell's ''Noah'' role EVAN
Stick that works in water OAR
Suffix for towel ETTE
Take too much of HOG
Things worn GARB
Tigers' habitat ASIA
Track assignment LANE
Turned out badly WENTSOUR
University teacher LECTURER
Urban howlers CATS
Veneer FACE
Vision correction acronym LASIK
With precision FINELY
__ before (no later than) ONOR