Jonesin' - Nov 22 2016

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Clues Answers
'Alice's Restaurant' chronicler Guthrie ARLO
'Finding ___' DORY
'Hee Haw' cohost Buck OWENS
'Hot 100' magazine MAXIM
'Modern' museum in London TATE
'Musical' slang term for money DOREMI
'Mystery!' host Diana RIGG
'Note to ___ ...' SELF
'The Untouchables' crimefighter Eliot NESS
'The Wizard of Oz' author Frank BAUM
'What ___ is there to say?' ELSE
'Yeah, right!' IBET
'___ of the world, unite!' WORKERS
'___ Pretty' ('West Side Story' song) IFEEL
1939 movie classic, briefly GWTW
1951 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Mel OTT
Actor who played the game show host in 'Slumdog Millionaire' ANILKAPOOR
Alternative to hot or blended ICED
Amalgam, e.g ALLOY
Animal seen jumping on a road sign DEER
Artistic Yoko ONO
Atty. ___ GEN
Biblical second son ABEL
Bitter Italian aperitif CAMPARI
Boys of Bolivia NINOS
Bracelet locale ANKLE
Broccoli ___ RABE
Chemical term after poly- ESTER
Dash headlong HURTLE
Descend, in mountaineering RAPPEL
Easter egg colorer DYE
Father of daredevil Robbie Knievel EVEL
Gambler's 'strategy' SYSTEM
Gaseous element NEON
Gelcaps, say DOSES
Gloomy DOUR
Godsend BOON
Greyhound station purchase BUSTICKET
Guitar part NECK
Gymnast Dominique DAWES
Clues Answers
Hot Pitt BRAD
ID checker's info AGE
India.___ ARIE
Infidelity can signal them (with help on the theme from 38-Across) BROKENVOWS
Jim Carrey flick 'Me, Myself & ___' IRENE
Khloe Kardashian's ex-husband Lamar ODOM
Level RAZE
Like time that's used productively WELLSPENT
Little or no effort EASE
Lowercase J parts DOTS
Lummox DOLT
Marathoner's time units, for short HRS
Model who married David Bowie IMAN
Moved very slowly OOZED
Mystic SEER
Natl. League city ATL
No pros CONS
Office bigwig, casually EXEC
On the ___ (not on friendly terms) OUTS
Part of AMA AMER
Part of the underground economy? MINE
Pig residence STY
Piper and Phoebe's sister, on 'Charmed' PRUE
Place to go in England? LOO
Popular '50s haircut (with help on the theme from 54-Across) FLATTOP
Ready to do business OPEN
Restaurant supply PANS
Rigel's constellation ORION
Root beer brand DADS
Sch. founded by Thomas Jefferson UVA
Smoke an e-cigarette VAPE
Springfield Indian APU
Standing bolt upright ERECT
Start over RESET
Subspecies adapted to a particular habitat ECOTYPE
Two or three AFEW
Unnecessary hassle DRAMA
V formers GEESE
White-furred weasels ERMINES
Without charge, like a battery DEAD