New York Times - Apr 3 2001

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Clues Answers
'Dinner's ___' ONME
'Nashville' director Robert ALTMAN
'___ is human' TOERR
1951 role for 49-Across STANLEYKOWALSKI
1955 role for 49-Across SKYMASTERSON
1972 role for 49-Across DONVITOCORLEONE
Arctic coat ANORAK
Baba and others ALIS
Barracks boss SARGE
Bausch & ___ LOMB
Beat-up WORN
Brain wave IDEA
Bridge guru Culbertson ELY
Bringing ruin (to) FATAL
Campaign news POLL
Choral compositions MOTETS
Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle BEA
Coin equivalent of a sawbuck EAGLE
Comics pooch ODIE
Con's place STIR
Crones HAGS
Crowd favorite PLEASER
D and C, in D.C. STS
Decides one will OPTSTO
Fall blossom ASTER
First-rate TOP
Fishnet, e.g. MESH
Fluctuate wildly YOYO
Food in bars OLEO
Fudge, e.g., to a dieter NONO
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark' TERI
Heaps and heaps ATON
Katmandu native NEPALI
Kind of wolf LONE
Klinger player on 'M*A*S*H' FARR
Lance of the bench ITO
Laughfests RIOTS
Clues Answers
Light-footed NIMBLE
Like a King novel: Var. EERY
More chic TONIER
Needle TEASE
Neeson of 'Nell' LIAM
Not fooled by ONTO
One side in baseball negotiations OWNERS
Op. ___ (footnote abbr.) CIT
Part of U.N.L.V. LAS
Poolroom need CHALK
Pre-med course: Abbr. ANAT
Proverbial heirs MEEK
Put in the bank SALTAWAY
Read through quickly SKIMOVER
Ready to go ALLSET
Really big shows EPICS
Seemingly forever AGES
Signs up ENROLLS
Slender blades EPEES
Social misfit GEEK
Some transfusions SERA
Spills the beans BLABS
Sports artist LeRoy NEIMAN
Star of this puzzle, born 4/3/24 MARLONBRANDO
Stop it DESIST
Strong cart DRAY
Tastelessly affected TOOTOO
Ten-percenter: Abbr. AGT
Terre Haute's river WABASH
They're sometimes put on AIRS
Tsp. and tbsp. AMTS
Untagged? NOTIT
W. Hemisphere grp. OAS
Witch's feature WART
Wyo. neighbor NEBR
You can believe it ISM
___ Claire, Que. POINTE